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Below is an example of a strong graduate CV profile.

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What does a Business Management Graduate usually do? Employability skills are transferable to different roles and employers.

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Want to get straight to the CV template? If you do include further interests, avoid listing hobbies such as socialising with friends. The employer may want graduates from specific degree backgrounds for the graduate scheme or job you are applying for, or may have requirements relating to degree class or A level subjects or grades. Interest in your desired field — As a junior candidate, there may not be much to differentiate you from other graduates , so describing your passion for the career you are pursuing can show employers you will be a serious committed hire. Include page numbers on each page followed by your last name as a header or footer. After all, you want to make your skills and knowledge as visually appealing as possible. Make sure you follow any instructions about which qualifications and grades to list.

Try not to send the same CV to every job. Skills and expertise: Wizard at Word?

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When including details about non-academic jobs you have held, be sure that they relate to your academic career in some way. Volunteering achievements Alternative headings for this section include: Positions of responsibility, Awards and achievements, Additional experience or Volunteering.

Print The samples written by the six writers featured in the pdf below help represent the differences between undergraduate and post-graduate resumes.

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Adding keywords is often essential to ensure your CV gets past the robots, i. Our example technical CV includes a section on technical skills at the beginning, followed by experience and education.

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Since most of the medium-sized and large companies in basically any industry need functional and effective managers, business schools and their students are one of the top options where to look for potential management hires. Management Trainee. Graduate CV Template Writing your first CV can be a scary task, what with all the sometimes contradictory advice available on and off the internet. Include the most important information to the top and left of each entry and place associated dates to the right. Outline For each role, briefly describing the goal of the role and the organisation you were employed within. Make sure you tailor it to the job. It can strengthen your CV and demonstrates that you are a responsible and eager person. Tip: Include only skills, experience, and what most drives you in your academic and career goals. Keep them snappy — not longer than two lines. References Find two referees who are willing to give you a positive reference. If you do not have much work experience but have good academic results then place your education at the top of your CV. But not just any CV, your first CV — which, quite naturally, makes the whole process a lot more intimidating. Break up projects using bullet points and giving a bold header to each one, allowing ease of reading.
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