Write ahead log postgresql copy

The default is 30 seconds 30s. For WAL a transaction has to do two things to modify a row. This comes from simple fact — generally, over time, more and more different pages get dirty.

The default is 1 GB. To record new write PostgreSQL would have to either do checkpoint which it will dobut at the same time — it wouldn't have any more ready segments left to use.

For example, in Fig. The upper limit is a soft limit, because the server can safely delete only those files which have been successfully archived. Not all are even guaranteed to be used they could contain data that got removed.

postgres wal files

On the other hand — please note that we have ready seven files for future use. The modified page is not written into the storage yet.

Postgres transaction log location

This happens without any locking of course. It periodically runs this command of your choice, and if it returns no error, deletes corresponding WAL segment file. More on PostgreSQL. In short, the redo replay operation of non-backup block is not idempotent. Having a minimum limit allows recycling of old files they are renamed first. See Fig. A WAL writer process writes periodically.

Kill it. You should treat the file that PostgreSQL passes you as read-only.

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