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If you work for an international firm with business overseas, there may be opportunities to work abroad, especially if you speak one or more foreign languages.

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London is the UK's major insurance centre and therefore many jobs are available in London and the surrounding areas. However, opportunities also exist in other cities and large towns throughout the UK. More Salary Information Underwriting analysts, also known as insurance underwriters, analyze and process paper and electronic applications for insurance companies.

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Automated software programs that reduce processing time will dampen the demand for new insurance underwriters. Decide whether or not to offer insurance Determine coverage and premiums Insurance underwriters serve as a go-between for insurance companies providing coverage and the insurance salespeople selling policies. Education and Training Aspiring underwriting analysts must have a high school diploma. Much of the job is determining an appropriate rate for an applicant based on how likely that applicant is to file a claim, based on available data. Candidates must complete an ethics and code of professional conduct module with 50 questions as part of the certification process. Most of the interactions away from the computer are with insurance agents who rely upon the information provided by underwriters. It's possible to move into underwriting following a role in actuarial, claims management or risk management. Certification designations are mandatory for underwriting analysts who aspire to senior level positions and management roles. It's not that the underwriter doesn't need to use analytical skills for such a case, but auto insurance policies are so common there's an abundance of data from which levels of risk can be assessed.

This projection is slower-than-average compared to an average 14 percent growth rate for all U. Underwriting analysts present their decisions to senior underwriters for approval or subsequent review.

Bureau of Labor Statisticsjob opportunities for insurance underwriters are projected to decline 5 percent during the decade ending in Job Outlook According to the U.

Education and Training Aspiring underwriting analysts must have a high school diploma. They determine how risk factors cause an acceptance, denial, early or long-term claim to the insurer.

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Detail-oriented: Each applicant is different, and each data point can impact applications in different ways. Work Schedule Insurance underwriters typically work full-time during standard business hours. Many decisions are straightforward and based on preset standards. For example, when a potential customer applies for something common like auto insurance, relevant details such as the driver's personal information, location of residence, driving record, and more are entered into a computer program that will calculate what that individual's rate should be. Underwriting analysts with at least two years of paid employment who have worked a minimum of More seasoned underwriters with at least three years of experience often pursue a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter certification. You'll need to feel comfortable making decisions about risks and working under pressure to meet deadlines. Any degrees related to those areas will be beneficial. When insurance policies are for something less common or include variables that are less common or less predictable, underwriters need to rely more on their own experience, knowledge, and insight, and less on a computer algorithm. They play an integral role in the preliminary risk assessment process.

Qualifications Although you don't need a specific degree subject to become an insurance underwriter, a degree in business or management, economics, law or mathematics may be useful. Training: Underwriters receive extensive on-the-job training and mentoring if they are hired right out of college. Entry-level underwriting analysts work as trainees under the supervision of senior underwriters to learn how to process applications and assess a potential customer's risk factors.

The BLS reports that two factors will create an increased future demand for insurance underwriters: An aging population that will require long-term care insurance and new federal health care reforms needed by consumers of all ages.

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