Understanding madness

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Liann What is the Greymarch? The patient has no insight into the abnormality of his or her ideas from the perspective of others and is impervious to the opinions of others. Who is that?

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Here are some of the themes that I had fun extracting from the book. And not in a good way.

Understanding madness

So, you're going to help Me stop him. Not the warm and cuddly sort. Mostly, he just destroys everything around him.

The prince of madness

Once you understand what My Realm is, you might understand why it's important to keep it intact. Cheese for no one. Neuroscience research has had considerable success in elucidating and sometimes curing various disorders, but after each success the disorder either becomes invisible or ceases to be considered an example of madness. Thus you have been given the title of Grand Inquisitor and are deemed with the responsibility of finding the culprits, yet you be the one that is put on trial Syl is notoriously known for her widespread paranoia. Sheogorath will explain to them that Jyggalag , the Daedric Prince of Order or possibly biscuits , is coming to the Isles to destroy everything in an event known as the Greymarch. Go ahead, try it again. Sheogorath Well now, what news do you have to report? The important aspect of common sense is that it is shared between people. In addition to telling us about the various ways in which mad people have been treated, we also learn from this book almost everything that people have ever thought and said about madness.
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Understanding madness?