Twins and genetics

Thank you,for signing up. This is called hyperovulation. Maybe someday we will know all the genes that cause fraternal twins in people. And there's no evidence that being from a family with identical multiples has any impact on your odds of having twins.

Some research has found that having fraternal twins in a mother's immediate family may double the chances of conceiving fraternal twins. Familial monozygotic twinning: a report of seven pedigrees.

hyperovulation gene

However, since only women ovulate, the connection is only valid on the mother's side of the family. It seems that twin genetics is more complicated in humans than in sheep.

fraternal twins

Unlike embryo splitting, ovulation is a normal biological process that is controlled by our genes. The answer: It does — but only in certain cases.

That being said, twins that share a close physical resemblance are more likely to be identical than fraternal.

Twins and genetics

Whose side of the family had twins? Now you can say that you not only understand the difference between identical and fraternal twins and you can also explain why that is and why it runs in families!

And, this is just what scientists did.

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Do Twins Run in Families?