The transformation of roman catholicism essay

how did christianity change the roman empire

Buddhism has arguments for and against cloning, where Catholisicm does not like any type of cloning. The Roman Catholic Church has affected the world historically, as demonstrated by it's impact upon the historical figures like Hypatia, Joan of Arc, and Jan Hus, historical events such as the Salem Witch Trials, and many other eras and events If one did not obey The Church, they were excommunicated and labeled heretics, cast out into the world with no spiritual guidance, never to see the light of God again.

In my essay I will explain how the flourishing culture helped to inspire new developments in art, clashing views in the Church and religion and the concept of multiculturalism which helped to inspire teaching and learning?

how did christianity spread throughout the roman empire

In fact, the oppression of women begins with the first story in Genesis about creation, which portrays females as being inferior to men and even of an evil nature The Catholic Church has had a spotty history, oppression and persecution ruled ancient times and even some modern thought.

After his assassination, they had a plan of replacing him with his catholic daughter in an attempt to make England a catholic state.

Also influenced men to fight in Crusades.

christianity in rome
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Roman Catholic Church Essay