The symptoms characteristics and treatment of the bipolar affective disorder

Psychosis can occur in both manic and depressive episodes.

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Living with bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder is a lifelong disorder that can have a severe impact on the individual and their family and friends. Before bipolar affective disorder can be diagnosed there must have been symptoms of mania for at least one week.

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Discontinuation of medications for bipolar disorder can result in a return of symptoms. All calls are confidential.

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A higher libido may lead to promiscuity. A "mixed state" is when a manic and a depressive episode happen at the same time. Rarer types of bipolar disorder There are two other types of the disorder that are less common than bipolar I and II. Sleep Deprivation — Loss of sleep—even as little as skipping a few hours of rest—can trigger an episode of mania.

Bipolar disorder symptoms

Talking therapies and counselling Talking therapies are effective in the treatment of bipolar, especially for the treatment of depressive symptoms. However, once a person receives a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment, medication can help to control the symptoms of bipolar disorder, and these related conditions usually improve as well. Medicines In treating bipolar, medicines are most often used for making your mood more stable and for helping with depression anti-depressants. The service is available to anyone. Experiencing mania can also change how you process thoughts, or your ability to concentrate. What causes bipolar disorder? Signs to look for symptoms The symptoms of bipolar affective disorder fall into three categories: symptoms of mania mixed symptoms of mania and depression.

In the longer term, the mental health professional your doctor refers you to, and who supervises your recovery and education, could include help finding you housing, paid employment or accessing workshops to help you build different skills such as stress management or relaxation techniques.

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Bipolar Disorder Signs and Symptoms