The evolution of modern humans essay

history of human evolution

Similarities of morphological features between archaic European and Chinese populations and modern H.

Have Neanderthal genes therefore contributed to the modern human genome? The relationship between the two species remains to be solved.

The evolution of modern humans essay

What is the key. What do these comparisons tell us about human evolution?

Essay evolution of human beings

Both organisms share a common ancestor dating back eight to six million years ago. Many primates can also swivel or turn their arms at the shoulder. First found in by Raymond Dart, this was the first known australopith. Primate has the same vision as we human do and see the world. The man originated from earliest forms. How were they culturally different? Upright posture allows a primate to view its surroundings as well as to use its hands for some other task.

It appears that the Neanderthals almost made it to the present, as they appear to have died out only 30, years ago, for reasons not fully understood at this time. Continued study will no doubt reveal new evidence and undoubtedly new hypotheses will arise.

stages of human evolution with pictures

One of the most mysterious quandaries in science is how the lineage of the Homo genus became so different from their primate relatives

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Evolution of modern humans