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Its aim is to promote public education and research in flora and fauna and other aspects of the natural world. The many thousands of individual components were individually numbered, so that when fitted to their unique positions, matching elements could be accommodated with minimal tolerance values.

Initial schemes for the biomes used curved, arched trusses at regular intervals spanning from the base of the pit onto cliff face. As each dome and parts of adjacent domes to ensure stability were constructed, the pneumatic cushions were installed.

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The design is so structurally stable that it does not need any internal supports even in the m span of the largest biome. The site in was a china clay pit nearing the end of its working life — the Bodelva pit close to St Austell in Cornwall. However when taking into account environmental factors the strategy has not been quite as successful as it has caused increased pollution both from car emissions and noise pollution from cars.

The core focus of the Eden Project is that it is an educational charity that is a tourist attraction.

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Forces within a geodesic structure are uniformly distributed, and natural forms indicate that hexagonal structures are an extremely efficient way of absorbing stress. The design of the biome structures incorporated full inner elastic analysis of all environmental loads and combinations of loads. As a result of these tests, the degree of patterning used to form the cushion profile was increased, and cable net reinforcement was omitted in favour of a second top correctly cuts and labeles each piece. The image below shows the location of the Eden Project in relation to the nearest towns. The Eden project. This is likely to attract investment. The case study is to contain mostly the particular way the stakeholders narrate the story of their experience as well as how related literatures narrate and followed by my personal reflection, acquisition and framing of the information, domain concept and the categories, its bi-directional and mono- directional links of categories relation to the each other respectively and the rationale behind the design decision. Contemporary Architecture and the Digital Design Process.

These included wind loads, temperature loads, snow loads, and analysis of the differential settlement of foundations. Smit's Vision of Eden is the eight wonders of the world, Eden.

Geodesic Domes Design concepts based upon natural forms helped the design team on the Eden Project to explore new and innovative solutions. Gill, J. It is also possible to effect short-term repairs in-situ using adhesive ETFE tape. This three-dimensional curved space frame acts like a shell, such that wind, snow and other loads are transferred through the shell into the foundations.

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(PDF) Case study on Eden Project, UK Design Solution by Sa'id Kori