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What this points to is the increasingly important role retail formats will play and the need for retailers to focus on and develop their multi-channel offerings. They will also sell school equipment for all ages from primary to secondary and even to college.

People no longer follow predictable patterns. Obviously Tesco's is a global company which means genders from all around the world as well as all ages will be visiting Tesco to get what they want. Tesco PLC Report constitutes a comprehensive analysis of marketing strategy and business strategy of Tesco.

Growing ethnic diversification is leading to further internationalization of demand and a rise in ethnic communities, particularly in urban areas. Education Level as a Variable Buyers' education levels also impact the types of purchases they make.

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Above all, there will be the challenge of appealing to older consumers who still think of themselves as young consumers. The same goes for lifestage. Understanding migration trends is of utmost importance for those retailers operating in London. Is it true that eating alone is bad for you? Channels such as click and collect and e-commerce with home delivery neatly provide an alternative way of shopping for the older, often less mobile consumer. Yesterday, people acted their age. And finally, the rise in female participation in the labour market probably has further to go, given female participation in the UK is still lower than in some other developed economies. In some ways, the boom in the take-up of smartphone and tablet device technology and the related explosion in the power of social networking is a bigger influence on the pattern of retail spending than demographic change. Whilst tackling the demands of the baby boomers, retailers must look at the other end of the age spectrum and work out how to attract the interest, and spending power, of the younger generation. The key is collecting as much demographic information as possible. This is the single largest population segment. And their own children may not find it easy to get full-time jobs in a continuing climate of financial austerity. Younger people under 35 are often the first consumers to purchase high-tech products like cell phones, electronic books and video games. A company's products and services are more likely to appeal to certain age groups.

Yesterday it was very easy to predict where people would shop based on their class and income. For decades supermarkets have focused on feeding families with buy-one-get-one-free promotions and supersized grocery packs that only make sense if the buyer has lots of mouths to feed.

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There are additional positioning strategies used by Tesco such as user positioning, product class positioning, competitor positioning etc. Is it true that eating alone is bad for you? The general rise in the birth rate in recent years — after a period of decline — will open up further opportunities for retailers in the baby and children markets.

Tesco uses a wide range of positioning strategies in order to attract target customer segment. Ensuring advertisements, promotions and activities do not offend people's religious or ethical viewpoints. The Group believes that retailers must rethink store design, marketing and advertising campaigns to attract the grey pound and above all understand these are older consumers who still think of themselves as young consumers.

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The Demographic Variables That Affect a Business