Template for writing a persuasive essay

This is one of the main reasons why the subject of the essay usually is in the first paragraph. But how do you write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay which will get you that coveted high grade? A writer must always stick to the message and the purpose of the message that he or she wants to convey.

persuasive writing structure template

Paragraph 3 sentences Go back to paragraph one and find your second argument. Persuasive Essay Structure Persuasive writing is about research, analyzing, and critical thinking. Researching can add up to facts that you can learn about your topic. The topic must be something controversial or a subject where a lot of people are trying to deal which side to believe or not.

Template for writing a persuasive essay

Choose three arguments you can use to convince your reader of your position. Typical structure for a persuasive essay: Introduction Body paragraphs 3 or more Conclusion This is the fundamental layout: you will start with one paragraph as an introduction, then go on to write three or more paragraphs containing the body of your essay, then finally your conclusion, wrapping everything up with a neat little bow on top. Now you know how to write a persuasive essay, and are hopefully on your way to great grades. After all these, support on your reasoning must be on hand as well. A writer must have a broad knowledge on the idea that he or she is to present so that what he or she is to write wil be considered credible, appealing, and accurate The target audience. You need to gather solid evidences to support your argument. To make it easier, use a free essay outline template from Bid4Papers. Some examples of these words are: however, therefore, consequently, in fact, on the other hand, instead, thus, and still.

The thing is, matters that are apparent but untouched are often the ones that are best to write about. Tagged in:. Spacing: double-spaced; 1.

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Persuasive Essay Template