Technical report on siwes carried out in microbiology lab

Please immediately report any unsafe behaviour to the instructor.

Technical report on siwes carried out in microbiology lab

The urine samples are poured inside test tubes and labeled with the laboratory number of the patient. Get vaccinated against typhoid fever. Aim: to determine the presence of pregnancy hormone HCG in the blood and urine. Visiting of the students by the institution should be taken with all seriousness. Insulin is a hormone that helps your body cells uses the glucose. Due to this fact, a technical lab report If autoclaves or pressure cookers are not available or large enough to make this convenient, an alternative is to bleach the plates. Colour: Yellow, straw, Amber yellow, pale yellow. Two aspects of stool analysis are described below. Also knowledge of different bacteria helped others Terminology The window period is the time from infection until a test can detect any change. The probe button was pressed so that the probe can pick the sample into the machine for analysis.

Turbidity: it could be slightly turbid, turbid or clear. Use sufficient packaging material to protect a specimen especially when the container is a glass tube.

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The sample was spun down by centrifugation at rpm for 10 minutes to obtain serum. The method for the preparation of basic microbiology media is given below. Biochemical test can then be done by inoculating citrate, urea and peptone water. The diagnostic microbiology laboratory is engaged in the identification of infectious agents. Measurement of PH 3. Please note that the bleach solution is corrosive and needs to be thoroughly removed afterwards. Safe drinking water. The blood sample was placed under the hematology analyzer sensitive probe. The microscopy to check out for possible parasite. Therefore, a group A individual can receive blood only from individuals of groups A or O with A being preferable , and can donate blood to individuals with type A or AB.

A little portion of the stool sample was collected and emulsified in the normal saline on the glass slide using an applicator stick. Trophozoite is the growing form of the parasite in the peripheral blood of man after the invasion of the red blood cells by merozites.

The mixture migrates upwards on the membrane chromatographically by capillary action to react with anti-HCG antibodies.

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VDRL test is a screening test for syphilis. Several random measurements may be taken throughout the day. Heating the blood inactivates inhibitor of growths. A drop of moistened specimen was placed on a clean grease free glass slide. MicroscopicPresent of Ascaris lumbricoides. Two aspects of stool analysis are described below. Blood Urea Nitrogen and Creatinine test can be used together to find the BUN-to-Creatinine ratio and when these substances are high in the blood it may lead to heart failure, dehydration. When sufficient blood has been collected, release the tourniquet and instruct the patient to open his or her fist. Colour: Yellow, straw, Amber yellow, pale yellow.

After 30 seconds, the PH of the semen was recorded. According to me, Grams staining process is a simple technique that assists in recognition of etiological agent and therefore can be called as one of the most significant staining practices in microbiology.

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When the report is received back from the microbiology laboratory, record the date of the receipt in the register. Normally, your blood glucose levels increase slightly after you eat.

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Avoid raw fruits and vegetables. What are the business goals? Never put anything down the sink without checking with an instructor.

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