Symbolism essay on heart of darkness

Darkness is a major theme of the story and the river is one of the first places we discover this darkness.

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The fact that the woman is enshrouded in darkness with only insufficient torchlight to guide her says a lot about the nature of our society. Conrad is trying to show that the little area of the Congo of Africa is symbolic of how things are run in the much larger English society.

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When Marlow arrives at the Central Station he is told that his boat has been sunk and it will take a while before the parts arrive to repair it.

It almost seems as if the jungle itself did not want their company.

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When Marlow states, "I had got a heavenly mission to civilize you," he expresses his good intentions to help the Africans progress and advance. Conrad uses the depths of the Congo to show how morals, restraint, and conscience escape from man when he is taken out of civilization Although Heart of Darkness is a famous literature that was criticized by Chinua Achebe and each of their work represents different point of views during similar time of history, both literatures have a similarity that they operate iconography in relation to race, class and identity with their own interpretations of symbols and icons This may be because Heart of Darkness was more an inner journey than a journey between places.

Symbolism essay on heart of darkness

As you read the story you realize that the meaning of "darkness" is not something that is constant but changes depending on the context it used Marlow grew up in England and was a relatively civilized person who followed laws as did most everyone else. It is the catalyst for the story to unfold. Born Teodor Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski on December 3, , of a patriotic Polish couple living in the Polish Ukraine, he did not have the average childhood of the time "Bibliography" 1. Show More We have essays on the following topics that may be of interest to you. Kurtz is symbolic of inner darkness that lies deep within refinement and civility. The first representation of the darkness is that it resembles what is inside all of us; an uncivilized side that is usually controlled until your environment and background begin to influence the darkness. This vivid account is nothing but horrific even for the early s. As Marlow proceeds further into the Inner Station, the darkness and lightness symbols mix with meanings that make them contradictory to what they normally mean When Marlow finally makes it to the last stop on his journey through the heart of Africa he meets Mr.

Charlie Marlow the protagonist and central character spoke fondly of the large blank map of Africa when he was a boy.

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Symbols and Symbolism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness Essay