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It enables organisations to think through and document what they are doing, for whom they are doing it, and why. These are the plans which act as a guideline to move the organization from where it currently is to where it wants to be.

Projects: A project is a plan that organizes a set of limited-scope activities that do not need to be divided into several major parts in order to reach a significant nonrecurring goal. Strategic plans are those established to meet organizations' extensive goals.

Rule: Rules are specific statements that inform what is to be done. For instance, an organization may have a procedure for stock replacement, which addresses what happens today, tomorrow and next week. Conversely, Operational Planning is concerned with the internal environment of business.

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For instance, in an organization, a strategic plan for latest information delivery would capture five years of accomplishment. For a nonprofit overview on strategic and operational planning try this help sheet. Objectives are a very basic level of planning. Their time period is less than one year, such as a few months, weeks or even days. Definition of Operational Planning The process which predetermines the day to day activities of the business is known as Operational Planning. Recommended next reading:. This plan quantifies future facts and figures. Therefore, a five-year strategic plan would typically require five operational plans funded by five operating budgets. They clearly specify the things needed to be done in the short run, in order to achieve the operational goals. Operational plans have short-range objectives, which they meet in one year or less. Managers duty is to interpret and implement the policy. Operational and strategic planning differ according to the decisions involved In my view the number, scope and time span of the decisions involved are at the heart of the definition of strategic planning. It is neither sophisticated nor advanced.

It is neither sophisticated nor advanced. Recommended next reading:. They are developed by top management after consulting the board of director and middle management.

Strategic plans normally cover a three-to-five-year and longer planning horizons, while most operational plans usually cover periods of something less than a year. All other managerial activities are planned around these objectives.

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For instance, a strategic plan would take into account a company's chosen worldwide market places, its fiscal goals, and the essential size of the labor force. Specific Plans: Those plans which are clearly defined and leave no room for interpretation are called specific plans.

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The operations plan is both the first and the last step in preparing an operating budget request. Operational plans might include written manufacturing capacity plans, inventory, and sales forecasts; and financial, human resource, and advertising budgets, for monthly or quarterly periods. Strategic Planning is done by top level management, whereas the Operational Planning is a function of middle-level management. Without a plan, managers and their juniors may not be able to achieve their goals or even know when they have run out of the right way. To find out more about the unique features of strategic planning look at the Argenti Process. The choices of what to do imply other things that the organization deliberately chooses not do. Learn how and when to remove this template message Operational planning OP is the process of planning strategic goals and objectives to tactical goals [ clarification needed ] and objectives. They clearly specify the things needed to be done in the short run, in order to achieve the operational goals. Operational and strategic planning We need to keep operational and strategic planning clearly distinct in our thinking and discussion of planning in organizations. The operational plan is produced by the chief executive and staff of the organisation. Photo Credits.
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Differences Between a Strategic Plan & an Operations Plan