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Your financial statements can show a seemingly healthy current year profit, but if your business is not forward-looking or acting in a sustainable manner, then all may not be as well as it seems in the annual accounts. Research on social entrepreneurship: Understanding and contributing to an emerging field Introduction. Greener Management International, 38, — Introduction to part III—Understanding the strategy, structure, and outcomes in social ventures. Their website also includes a toolkit for schools and businesses to recycle successfully. Google Scholar Nicholls, A. Redefining the corporation: Stakeholder management and organizational wealth. Brockhaus Eds. Academy of Management Review, 14 4 , — The business also uses recycled paper and reusable pens, encourages working from home and uses green cleaning products.

While critics cite cost-cutting and PR as good explanations for the moves, others have praised both brands for trying to reduce their environmental impact. Google Scholar Copyright information.

When trees are planted on sunny sides of a building, they shade it and help cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50 percent.

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Google Scholar Peredo, A. RISE for-profit social entrepreneur report: Balancing markets and values.

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The concept of corporate strategy. The new state.

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Three avenues for social entrepreneurship research. Social enterprise models and their mission and money relationship.

Small business planet

The blended value proposition: Integrating social and financial returns. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. All you need to do is to plant and water it. The search for social entrepreneurship. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press. Install motion sensors to automatically turn off lighting when an area is not in use. From the editors—For the lack of a boilerplate: Tips on writing up and reviewing qualitative research.

But in general we have a variety of products or tools that are of use to entrepreneurs in our market.

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What SMEs can really do to save the planet