Should girls and boys be given

You always hear your grandfather or your dad and uncles talking about stories of when they were younger and the adventures they did, especially as teenagers.

Do you think girls should be given the same education as boys Updated on May 15, more Education is often described as being the link between an individual and the society of which he forms part of, through systematic training and instructions principally at school level.

And in the traditional views, females are married off to the males; they do not need much education.

With more girls in the working society, this will eventually help to boost the competency between companies and also the company profits as well. Lastly, school fees are not a small sum. The debate whether girls should be allowed the same education as boys has been going on for many years and, in fact, in some countries, is still going on. After that, boys also involved in many crimes and our country difficult to make a decisionbecause there are many girls than boys in education and who will be replace our Chief Minister if wedo not have a right candidate right now.? The development of country would determine whether the same type of education should be given to both genders. And if ever since primary or secondary education, girls show so much success, then it is absolutely certain that in the working sphere, they will give good results. Friday, July 13, should girls and boys be given exactly the same type of education. Research also has proven that girls are more competence than the boys.

God gives everyone brain,and there are no different between girls and boys brain. Olden people like to differentiate between girls and boys.

boy and girl are equal essay

Our country, rightnow really want boys in university or college but their result in examination does not show that theywant to study.

Furthermore, various fields are demanding more women as workers. Because of that, they think thatour government do not give equal opportunity to boy and choose girls to get education at the higherplace. Research also has proven that girls are more competence than the boys.

Should girls and boys be given
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Boys and Girls Should Be Given Equal Opportunity in Education