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On-campus living can be substantially more expensive than off-campus living. There may be some exceptions, but it is best to factor these expenses in when planning to live off campus. Local students can usually get a mandate exemption if they live with their parents, but few exceptions are made for students who wish to live with non-parental relatives or family friends. Your neighbors might be local families or young working professionals. Campuses provide these for students, but they are not typically included with rental homes or apartments off campus. Other students may have religious dietary restrictions that prohibit much cafeteria food. An NC State feasibility study on instituting mandatory on-campus living provides a glimpse into the decision-making process. Resident Advisors RAs and Resident Directors RDs are trained to intervene and assist when students are struggling, and they can help direct students to the appropriate people and resources on campus. While most universities provide dormitories for their students, many schools also allow undergrads to live off-campus. Are you really prepared to start cooking for yourself on a regular basis? A faithful reader of this blog, an attorney and scholar from Toledo, Ohio, Dr. But by requiring on-campus living, state universities ignore their obligation to accommodate religious objections under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Most campuses have security guards on duty at all hours of the day and night, and they are available with a quick call. Some people prefer housing and some do not and for different reasons as to why or why not. And, depending on how far away you live, your commute might affect how and when you choose to socialize.

To ensure public universities remain faithful to this clause, the North Carolina legislature could prohibit on-campus living requirements. Living on campus gives you ready access to study groups, and peers can often help if you are forced to miss a class or if you find material from a lecture confusing.

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It's like gradually we are becoming more and more forced into things that should remain optional or shouldn't even exist. The desires of other students are ignored, too: Few housing policies give pious students a religious exemption to avoid the dorms.

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And, simply put, it can be hard to escape your peers. There is no choice that is better or worse for all people. And, in the end, even if you come to regret your choice, you can at least bask in the realization that your housing situation is only temporary!

Plan out a budget, and determine which choice best fits both budget needs and personal preferences.

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Indeed, it can be difficult to study cell division while your classmates are racing desk chairs in the hallway. Rather than expanding the mandates in the UNC system, they should be abolished.

And when it comes to money, basically they're like, "forget about your money saving plans", we just want your money, and following any other behind the scene happenings, not really knowing if you're actually going to succeed and take up the field or career you went to school for.

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Maybe the time has come to incentivize colleges to concentrate on education, for example, by requiring them to pay property taxes on housing facilities, and disallowing the sale of tax-exempt bonds to finance new dorms. Douglas Oliver, has provided additional ammunition relating to this perspective. Many universities claim that living on campus improves the likelihood of academic success. Their on-campus living mandates involve a government agency dictating where, and under what conditions, an adult student may live. If more states move forward with free tuition plans for in-state students at public universities such as New York's Excelsior Program , all college revenue will come from room, board, and associated fees. Along with having upper-class mentors, you'll also have a peer group that will include students taking some of the same classes as you. And, simply put, it can be hard to escape your peers. Share to facebook Share to linkedin Shutterstock Universities exist primarily to expand and disseminate knowledge, ideas, and artistic works. Your neighbors might be local families or young working professionals. Moreover, dorm life translates into easy living.

To determine which option is best, make a list of individual preferences.

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