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Under Template Selection, select Project Site. Or you want to quickly access all the budget documents or project charters of all your projects. Based on the Project Lite template in the BrightWork solution, the free template has everything you need to initiate, plan, track, and report on a project using SharePoint — straight out-of-the-box.

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Below is an image of a typical SharePoint site without any configuration. SharePoint External Sharing can still be setup, but to do it right, requires great discipline, governance and user training the last thing you want is to inadvertently share content from your SharePoint Project or Team Site that you did not intend to share Change Request Log in SharePoint Very similar to Risk Register List above, you can create Custom List in SharePoint and convert those Excel logs that you have and surface up on SharePoint. This will standardize on your setup and roll-out of future project site. For example, you can access the Project Status dashboard pictured below report for a detailed look at the progress of all the tasks, health, estimated finish, etc. Essentially this is where you specify the type of information the columns will store. Users can upload, download, delete, and rename the documents — depending on the permissions you have set for each team member. No need to waste any more time searching across numerous folders, tools, and network drives to find a document! We could add the column right at the Document Library Level. For example, certain teams want to know Skype ID of each team member. You also need to make sure you have the right project management process in place. Tasks: Add tasks and subtasks to create the project timeline. Using project status reports, you can easily communicate how the project is going to senior executives and other stakeholders. Get the Project Approved, Sponsored, and Resourced The first step to completing the website redesign project is to get the project approved, sponsored, and resourced. The lists are available to all team members, improving collaboration and removing data silos. Repeat for other web parts on the page all of them.

Below is an image of a typical SharePoint site without any configuration. As other projects are currently underway within the organization, some team members are already committed to other tasks and deadlines.

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To store contact info like phone numbers, address, emails and other relevant information. As SharePoint is already used within the company, they can get up and running with the Free SharePoint Template very quickly. Your SharePoint project management site will bring together all the items you might need in one central, collaborative location. This allows users to configure a web part once to use on multiple site pages as needed. Luckily, there is a way to achieve this. Under Title and Description, give the new project site a Title that corresponds with the name of the project, and provide a brief Description of the site. A SharePoint site can mimic the project management approach of an organization, providing repeatable templates for project managers to use when starting a project. The template also has a Quick Launch which exposes a project management process for you.

Below is an example. The Choice type allows you to specify a list of drop-down choices that will appear as a menu to the end user to choose 1 choice from.

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A key strength of web parts is reusability. Using SharePoint to bring all project information and tasks into one central place can resolve many of these problems.

Sharepoint project management dashboard

Using project status reports, you can easily communicate how the project is going to senior executives and other stakeholders. Not to mention that when you have new members joining or leaving teams — all you have to do is just add or remove them from security groups. No more outdated Excel files! SharePoint lists help to organize project information whilst web parts make project reporting easy. Department site terminology is also often used to store and collaborate on documents among employees of a given department. Collaborative SharePoint Project Management Sites Below is an example of what a SharePoint site can look like when configured for collaborative project management. We now need to determine the modules we would want on our project site.

Why not start managing your projects on SharePoint today? So for the purpose of this blog post, I see those as being the same. The statement may contain the following information: Project identification. In the second grouping of the Quick Launch are your reports and lists for actually doing the work.

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4 Quick Steps to set up SharePoint for Project Management