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I shall be more willing to give wrought than coined silver; more willing to give statues than clothing or something that will wear out after brief usage.

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De Beneficiis. Do not falter, finish your task, and complete the role of the good man.

Women at the Thesmophoria. They are maidens because benefits are pure and undefiled and holy in the eyes of all; and it is fitting that there should be nothing to bind or restrict them, and so the maidens wear flowing robes, and these, too, are transparent because benefits desire to be seen. Yet these things remain and will continue to remain in the same position, with only a slight movement now in this direction, now in that, like that of the waves, which a rising tide carries far inland, and a receding tide restrains within the limits of the shoreline. But, because the subject is alluring, my ardour has carried me too far; and so let me close by showing that it is not our generation only that is beset by this fault. To seek, not the fruit of benefits, but the mere doing of them, and to search for a good man even after the discovery of bad men - this is the mark of a soul that is truly great and good. Perhaps a third will recall to memory the others also that have dropped from his mind. They make a laughing-stock of other men's wives, not even secretly, but openly, and then surrender their own wives to others. So-and-so received his gift after he had asked for it; I did not ask for mine. IV Seneca's.. Anyway, I can't say that I got as much out of this as I did from the other book.

Loeb Classical Library, offers fresh translations and texts based on. The first is, that we do not pick out those who are worthy of receiving our gifts.

Loeb Classical Library No. Crispus Passienus used often to say that from some men he would rather have their esteem than their bounty, and that from others he would rather have their bounty than their esteem; and he would add examples. And, above all, it should not be given insultingly; for, since human nature is so constituted that injuries sink deeper than kindnesses, and that, while the latter pass quickly from the mind, the former are kept persistently in memory, what can he expect who, while doing a favor, offers an affront? But those who wish to heal the human soul, to maintain faith in the dealings of men, and to engrave upon their minds the memory of services let these speak with earnestness and plead with all their power; unless, perchance, you think that by light talk and fables and old wives' reasonings it is possible to prevent a most disastrous thing - the abolishment of benefits. IV Seneca's.. Why do the sisters hand in hand dance in a ring which returns upon itself? In benefits the book- keeping is simple - so much is paid out; if anything comes back, it is gain, if nothing comes back, there is no loss. Next in order are the useful benefits, the matter of which is wide and varied; here will be money, not in excess, but enough to provide for a reasonable standard of living; here will be public office and advancement for those who are striving for the higher positions, for nothing is more useful than to be made useful to oneself. In the index, numbers in parentheses indicate how many times the item appears.

Essays, Volume III. If a man forbids his wife to appear in public in a sedan-chair and to ride exposed on every side to the view of observers who everywhere approach her, he is boorish and unmannerly and guilty of bad form, and the married women count his demands detestable.

I: On the Creation.

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