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The shop will be renovated as the design of layout that provided by Secret Recipe franchisor. Unfair competition in Chicago, Illinois may refer to acts that are used to confuse consumers, as well as a number of other actions that are inappropriate.

Secret Recipe anticipate their order qualifiers very efficiently as they have th e accessibility to tremendous amount of information from their franchising scheme and based on our research, below are the ways of Secret Recipe delivering their orde r 1. This is to cover up the overheads generated to operate the business. This means that if an outlet generated RM, monthly gross sales, then they are required to pay RM5, to the franchisor. The company has registered double digit growth for the past few years. Sugar free and trans-free cake such as Sugar Free Moist Chocolate Cake and Hi-fiber Cream Cheese was put on shelf and gets good review from the customers. They did roll out pilot operation and figure out weakness and work out to improve it. This is because as it expands the brand to many countries, there are customers from different countries with different backgrounds,lifestyles,tastes and preferences. They are less averse compared to the older generation. After the basic course, the franchisor will provide detailed training on how Secret Recipe franchise system works. Riding on the idea that white collar classes people and college students who are in a rush to have their lunch, it would be effective that we get a lower margin but able to maximize the table turnovers in order to maximize our sales during peak hours. He will responsible for daily sales, advertising, promotional plan and budgeting plan. This is compulsory factor in franchising since the franchise premise and company-owned premised must be identical to make the customer have the same vibes when entering any premise throughout the region.

Any mistakes must be promptly addressed by the workers to avert customers from espousing a negative perception of the brand. The competitive edges of Secret Recipe are mostly contributed by their franchise system which is listed below; 1.

This is great because, the franchisor first will look out for an opportunity and feasibility in that place before start to suggest that site to the franchisee. She is responsible for evaluate staff performance, prepare staff daily schedule, monitor the daily operation and perform cash counting at the end of each operating day. If there is a dish I like, I make it a point to at least ask for the recipe and if I get it, I write it down in my recipe book as soon as possible. The designs will be slightly changed by their interior designer to ensure the outlet location and space is utilized to the right positions. The attractiveness and high growth rates of the market have encouraged Secret Recipe in expanding its Chinese market network. Services include how the agents treat the customers whether the communications between agents and customers are effectively understood or not. The franchisor will make the franchisee understand on what are the responsibilities that he has in operating the outlet. There are times when the parking is full, but it is very rare people could not find any parking there. The franchisee will have to burden the loss and the franchisor will have their brand name and goodwill tainted. Emphasizing in the customer convenience, Secret Recipe offers accessibility with option of dining in or take out. To ensure the quality and taste of their core product cakes, especially special flavored cakes like durian, banana, mango, and blueberry are always up to the standard, the franchisor applies factory based supply method. We also believed that Secret Recipe has carefully conducted a research of the market trend in order for them to choose the correct qualifiers which believed m ay satisfies the demand from the market.

So, they have to make a U-turn. Secret Recipe is also near to the escalator and it is easily spotted by the public.

Field agent will inspect and correct all the unnecessary action and give advice on what to do but if the franchisee is caught misconduct the compulsory aspect as stated in the operation manual, the franchisee will be penalized accordingly, this is to make sure that there is no misconduct happen in the Secret Recipe franchise system that may negatively affect both franchisee and franchisor. To provide foods in fast or minimal period of time. In this case, Secret Recipe successfully took over the throne by providing the best Oder Qualifiers compared to their competitors. It will leverage on the fr anchising scheme which rely on master franchisor to serve and understand the needs of the people better. Other than that we also offer savory foods such as local delicacies and fusion food. It is proved by the awards they w on and also the overall customer satisfaction towards their services and product of fered. This is due to the low of productivity level of the workers. People can also park at the valet as it is nearer to the entrance and has a lot of spaces for cars to park there. The second promotion is RM15 per meal which comes with a drink; the customer can choose the meal and drink from the given set menu. Comment cards also offered for customer to write in any of their valuable information, recommendation and also their complaint if any. Secret Recipe will provide this operation manual to the franchisee as a guideline on how to operate the premise. They can use Secret Recipe right under stated term and condition.

The site was choose by the franchisor not the franchisee. The premiums are paid for the amount of recipes used in the cake making process. Health consciousness: Malaysia s health system has improved and this may lead to request of healthier foods especially in the urban area where customers are looking for more healthy alternatives foods when they dine out.

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Asian Classic: This section provides the best food selected from all over Asia.

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