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A false accusation of assault allowed Rosewood's envious white neighbors to embark on a witch hunt in which at least eight people and probably many more died. As night descended the mob attacked the town, slaughtering animals and burning buildings.

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Even historically just about their whole town was burnt to the ground. The action scenes and intense situations combined with the historical reality left me intrigued and captivated throughout the film.

As the situation escalated so did the action and adventure. Those who tried to explain their innocents were merely killed and thrown to the side in search of the next.

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These Rosewood incidents became public knowledge as the entire population of blacks chose to move out of the small city. Indeed, the film's most powerful blow against racism comes not from its sloganeering but from the absurdity and outrage of hearing this quintessential Big Guy addressed as ''Boy.

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Criminality and murder does not exist in this society because of the organization Precrime. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. It showed up that there was a fear of white people to have and realized that colored people are getting educated and are having a better life style.

His experiences gave him the real truths of life to make a critical decision The danger of this way of thinking became widespread as hate groups such as the KKK roamed the U. In order to fulfil my brief successfully, I had to perform several areas of research, which will make the product look like products in real life and show that I know and can use the appropriate codes and conventions It took only a few days for the population of Rosewood to be scattered, and for the town to be wiped off the map.

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