Rooster christopher bruce essay

The set is a clear stage with naturalistic lighting and a white spotlight.

Rooster christopher bruce essay

The piece explores the human rights of the people of chille and the depression that the lack of human rights caused. Christopher Bruce was born on the 3rd of October in England, he started studying dancing at 11 years old, and he began with tap and ballet. Although his approach was different for Rooster it still portrays heavily the elements which Bruce's choreography holds signature to.

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Christopher felt sympathetic towards the letter, and after being asked to do a…. It has a slow but consistent tempo throughout the song.

Swansong is a deliberately disturbing dance showing a victim being tortured by a variety of means, although there is no actual violence on stage. The simplicity of the staging and ambiguity of the characters lends weight to its universality. There are seven sections in swansong; each has a different theme and style. Throughout this section of the piece there seems to be an all-male trio and an all-female trio and will sometime form a cross-group partnership with each other and one male who appears to be an onlooker and one female as soloist or together in a duet mostly in this section of the dance. The men are all dressed in different colours to show that they are all unique in some way, making them superior to the females. This helps to set the scene. Rooster is performed on an undecorated stage. It is very simple with slight colour changes at times, but for the majority of …show more content… It also has sort of a sad feel to it. The performance was choreographed by Christopher Bruce.

In combining vaudevillian humour, balletic virtuosity, and contempory dance expressionism with such a serious theme, he seeks to create work that can be appreciated at a number of levels by a broad audience.

Red is the inferior colour which could symbolise him becoming more like the women and less masculine than the other men. Versatility is very important for his dancers to have in achieving the best results to suite his choreography.

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Unlike these pieces which are socially and politically bound, Rooster was choreographed and approached in a different way in order to communicate his inspiration and the issues that would develop from this in his choreography. The trios seem to be leaving them out of their dance which may suggest the fact that they are outsiders. There are seven sections in swansong; each has a different theme and style. Yet the trio of women have more mature movement such as keeping themselves grounded. Costume Christopher Bruce challenges the stereotypes of women in the different sections of the piece. Furthermore, the female soloist in the dance seems to have childlike and playful movement, such as skipping which may perhaps propose that she is not mature for her age or is young. It incorporates his use of issues in context to society, Performed by the Rambert Dance Company. It shows both the aggressive and sadistic element of interrogation, and how brainwashing, humiliation and playing with emotions can all be part of a long, nerve- racking game.
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