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Prior research indicates that pair programmers produce higher quality code in essentially half the time taken by solo programmers. Through common measurements of student perceptions, the authors provide evidence that introductory computing instructors can successfully implement PI in their classrooms.

Sample Stage I: Three populations of schools formed separate universes for sampling and instrument development: schools containing in the U.

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There has been many ways in which computers have impacted education. Traditional programming assignments are usually assessed in a way that ignores the skills needed for reflection in action, but software testing promotes the hypothesis-forming and experimental validation that are central to this mode of learning.

During the first stagedata were collected at school and teacher level.

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The approach is centered on the visualization of objects and their behaviors using a 3D animation environment. It also sought to be able to show whether there had been changes in the kinds of software and types of tasks students are engaged in at computers. Kaczmarczyk, Elizabeth R.

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The Stage II survey probed questions about what students learn about computers; how students use computers in school; what learning about computers takes place out-of-school; sex, race, and financial equity; how teachers cope with computers; and computer equipment in the schools. Indicate top and bottom of figure where confusion may exist. Besides its comparative function, the survey also served an important domestic data collection function for the United States, extending time-series data previously collected in and from national samples of schools and teachers in this country. Submission of a manuscript represents certification on the part of the author s that neither the article submitted, nor a version of it has been published, or is being considered for publication elsewhere. Procedures and Summary of Content The study is a two-stage survey. Are English classes now the major users of word processing programs, or is this use of computers still overwhelmingly a business education activity as it was in ? Moving to a reflection in action strategy can help students become more successful. Michael Schneider, University of Minnesota Schneider describes the crucial goals of any introductory programming course while leaving to the reader the design of a specific course to meet these goals.

Computing has become one of the most popular majors in higher education, and more and more students are being introduced to computing in K settings.

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