Research on student misbehavior

types of misbehavior in the classroom

Dissertations available from ProQuest. If they chat very loudly or do not listen to the teacher, they and other students will miss some new knowledge.

Research on student misbehavior

I have to stop the chatting, otherwise I cannot teach and the students who chat will miss the content of the lesson. Dreikurs [ 25 ] stated that student misbehavior is a purposeful endeavor to gain social recognition, while Glasser [ 26 ] stated that student misbehavior is a response to the classroom context or instruction that cannot satisfy their basic needs of love, belongingness, self-worth, freedom, fun, and survival.

The lack of sympathy or hostility involved in these aggressive behaviors was mentioned as intolerable as the teachers recognized the hurt involved.

Negative descriptions of student behavior

Thompson B. International Journal on Disability and Human Development. Compared with these inactive students, those who make noise in class are better. Sage, California; Katrina Cheung for their assistance in data collection and analysis. Change the way you say no Denying a child something they desire by saying no can trigger challenging behaviors. Ho C, Leung J. This conception is much wider than the narrow definition in Ding et al. Student might feel bad and even threatening when there was hostility. Open in a separate window Teachers reported that students would do something in private which was unrelated to the lesson, such as reading, drawing, and doing other homework. Journal of Research on Adolescence. Contemporary Educational Psychology. Educational Psychology.

Fourth, biases and preoccupations of the researchers were discussed Criteria 4 and how such biases were handled Criteria 5 are described. Resistance at school: a sociological study of student misbehaviour in two Hong Kong secondary schools. It was suggested that having caring teachers who are willing to cater for students needs might be one of the helpful means to deal with student misbehavior [ 19 ].

students misbehavior and how it can be improved

Student might feel bad and even threatening when there was hostility. Hong Kong, China: Pearson; Little E. At the school level, I think there were less than five cases of scolding teacher in an academic year. Disruptive classroom behaviors of secondary and primary school students.

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Student Classroom Misbehavior: An Exploratory Study Based on Teachers' Perceptions