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Med Hypotheses, ; 67 3 Grossman P.

a study on stress and its effects on college students

The introduction of stress management education into the curriculum could prove useful in combatting this problem. Despite the high importance of academic vitality in the successful confrontation with the challenging academic period, the literature review of the studies managed in Iran showed that few studies were performed on the factors promoting this important variable.

Klipper, M. The general characteristics of a person in distress are: being over-aroused; tense or unable to relax; touchy, easily upset or irritable; easily startled or fidgety, and demonstrating intolerance of any interruption or delay.

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There are documented CBT-related neurobiological changes showing that it can modify the dysfunctional neural activity related to anxiety disorders in the patients who responded to treatment [ ]. The Stress Profile was developed and normalized for the general population, and which was adapted and translated into Spanish. Engineering students take half-yearly examinations, as compared to the annual examinations taken by medical and dental students. Lowering cortisol and CVD risk in postmenopausal women: a pilot study using the Transcendental Meditation program. This kind of stress is well-known, and may lead to poor decision-making. The stress reduction techniques reviewed in this paper also improve the quality of life of patients and in many cases contribute in the reduction of disease symptoms. The effect of using music therapy with relaxation imagery in the management of patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation: a pilot feasibility study. Wilk, C, Turkoski B. Antall G. A comparison of selected osteopathic treatment and relaxation for tension-type headaches.

Application to Patient Care: - This research highlights the need to incorporate stress management education in the curriculum, as well as to develop mechanisms for decreasing stress among students in colleges.

Although stress was associated with age, a distinctive trend was not observed.

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Chiesa A. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Diabetes. Holistic Nursing Practice, ; 2 3 From the life skills, training in stress management skills is critical, because students need to deal effectively with stressful issues and factors.

Mierswa and Mark 7 has studied the emotions at work place that create stress and the factors that lead to team work and professionalism.

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A Study of Stress among Students of Professional Colleges from an Urban area in India