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Article Two Other Pollutants Section The DTI shall likewise prescribe regulations requiring the disclosure of odometer readings and the use of tamper-resistant odometers for all motor vehicles including tamper-resistant fuel management systems for the effective implementation of the inspection and maintenance program.

The Department shall provide the LGUs with technical assistance, trainings and a continuing capability-building program to prepare them to undertake full administration of the air quality management and regulation within their territorial jurisdiction. Such testing shall be conducted by the DOTC or its authorized inspection centers within sixty 60 days prior to date of registration.

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Violation of Standards for Motor Vehicles. Independence of Action. Home library homework help R a philippine clean air ac R a philippine clean air ac The State shall promote and protect the global environment to attain sustainable development while recognizing the primary responsibility of local government units to deal with environmental problems. In case of non-compliance, the importer or consignee may be allowed to modify or rebuild the vehicular engine so it will be in compliance with applicable emission standards. Any proposed additive shall not in any way increase emissions of any of the regulated gases which shall include, but not limited to carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter, in order to be approved and certified by the Department. Greenhouse Gases. Potential Loss or Shifts of Employment. Separability of Provisions. Citizen Suits. Its powers and duties, among others, are: a To prepare comprehensive air quality management programs, plans and strategies within the limits set forth in Republic act. Any imported used motor vehicle or rebuilt motor vehicle using new or used engines, major parts or components shall not be registered unless it complies with the emission standards. For this purpose, the DOTC or its authorized testing center shall establish a roadside inspection system.

A pass shall herein be issued by the DOTC to authorize the use of the motor vehicle within a specified period that shall not exceed seven 7 days for the sole purpose of making the necessary repairs on the said vehicle. Gross violation shall mean: a three 3 or more specific offenses within a period of one 1 year; b three 3 or more specific offenses with three 3 consecutive years; c blatant disregard of the orders of the PAB, such s but not limited to the breaking of seal, padlocks and other similar devices, or operation despite the existence of an order for closure, discontinuance or cessation of operation; and d irreparable or grave damage to the environment as a consequence of any violation of the provisions of this Act.

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On the basis of such specifications, the DOE shall likewise limit the content or begin the phase-out of additives in all types of fuels and fuel-related products as it may deem necessary.

No manufacturer, processor or trader of any fuel or additive may import, sell, offer for sale, or introduce into commerce such fuel for additive unless the same has been registered with the DOE. The committee shall be composed of five 5 senators and five 5 representatives to be appointed by the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively, the oversight committee shall be co-chaired by a senator and a representative designated by the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively.

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Pollution from smoking. Provided, however, That the specifications for all types of fuel and fuel-related products set-forth pursuant to this section shall be adopted by the BPS as Philippine National Standards PNS. All other laws, orders, issuance, rules and regulations inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed or modified accordingly. Chapter 5 Actions Section Potential Loss or Shifts of Employment. Every two 2 years thereafter or as the need arises, the specifications oil unleaded gasoline and of automotive and industrial diesel fuels shall be reviewed and revised for further improvement in formulation and in accordance with the provisions of this Act. The DTI shall promulgate the necessary regulations prescribing the useful life of vehicles and engines including devices in order to ensure that such vehicles will conform to the emissions which they were certified to meet. Pollution from other mobile sources.

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