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According to table 4. Do you heard or listen any promotion regarding to ASSC product?

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If your answer is No for Q 13 please give your suggestion to make attractive? Promotion strategy of the company.

Little has been written formally on the process of selecting specific options with in the first four ge1?

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B Developing belter designs for shoe, shoes uppers and other components for a local sales and the international market to wide competitiveness.

It is likely to describe itself as and agency, Creative planning starts with a client brief from which the agency distils an internal creative brier.

The company uses different type of advertising mix element such as:- advertisingpersonal selling public relation and sales promotion.

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Type of promotional mix-element Objective of the study 1. Therefore Anbessa shoe share company by considering this case it is better to the company to overcome promotion related problems that enable to have large market share and increment of sales volume. So due to the above statement the study will try to answer the following basic question. From these one could said that the company promotion and quality of product were mostly related. Which is subject to variation according to the type of products. Finally the collected data were processed, analyzed and interpreted by using tables and charts and the researcher identified that Anbessa shoe share company has no well organized promotional department, less budget for promotion and less concentration for promotion and less attention in analyzation of competitors promotional strategy. Row ideas of that kind age next subjected to the disciplines of secreting against research based analysis of probable audience responses, and the survivors refined in to more precise communication concept. In order to over come this problem the researcher recommend the following mechanism based on finding of analysis part. Impact of promotion sales volume. The attainable capacity under the prevailing company circumstance is 3, pairs of shoes, while the already achieved out put level is 2, pairs of shoe per 8 hours shift. The company prefers these different promotional mix element in order to announce its product for different people in the country.

Moreover around 4. Data Analysis and Presentation The study was based on the impact of promotion mix elements and their effect on the amount of sales volume in the case study of Anbesssa shoe Share Company.

4ps of marketing questionnaire pdf

In fact budget is not an amount of many as in colloquial usage, but a plan for spending it as in the chancellor's annual budget speech.

This is unique to each company's strategy 11 and specific objectives vary by promotion method. Sampling technique

Questionnaire on promotion strategy

Packaging- is a promotion via display garneting exposure to customers at the point of sale in return for the cost of designing and producing the package. That was follow From this illustration one could conclude that the 29 promotion of Anbessa shoe share company currently used were not attractive enough. It is better to the company uses different promotional mix element such as advertising, sales promotion, public relation and personal selling to cover large market share. It is better to the company to up date its promotion technology to accommodate the competition. The complex task of allocating available funds appropriately among 20 proliferating media options is almost invariably delegated to and advertising agency of media independent. Finally, no respondents replied that quality is greater than promotion. Baker: P. Statement of the problem Product Mix Anbessa is engaged in both manufacturing and distribution of various types of leather shoe, upper and shoes for men, ladies and children. Length of customer hood with company product S. Its activity ranges from component making up to production of ready for use front wears on the manufacturing side and factor wholes sales up to reorganization and institutional arrangement were made with a view of making the profit motive a central theme in general and to enable the company to achieve the following objective in particular.
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