People naturally resist making changes in

Of course, a weak labor force cannot help develop country as we desire. Consequently, we may not have development in many aspects. Therefore, it might need lots of improvements. This resource hasn't been reviewed. This essay will discuss such problems, and suggest some solution for them. There are two reasons are to blame for this situation, among with the root cause is the condition in a new workplace.

Second of all, people should change themselves and learn to acknowledge the fact that changes can bring more advantages than disadvantages, and that changes are an inevitable trend.

in many countries the amount of crime is increasing

Likewise, any problem has its answer, these problems can be solved. If no development happens, the chance to be out-of-date is possible because the world keeps changing every minute.

It is often said that changes motivate the development, and that changes can bring new opportunities.

Humans naturally resist change

They start to get tired from living. By the help of modern psychology I do not think of a problem unsolved, and besides this is a crucial problem for a society that comprised of healthy-thinking people. For example,your colleague adopted and applied a brand new software while you still use an outdated version and it resulting in his significant better performance than you. They feel better when just working in familiar condition. Another way is to accept the change little by little. Take my experience as an example. People should try to move on and risk. In modern life, people adjust to different habits and routines and then they do not tend to get involved to change their usual activities. In my opinion, obvious solutions knock the door of psychologists and also family members and relatives should act in these positions. In contrast, there are various of great and innovative product that come from person who accepted change.
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