New trends in business writing style

Sentence case for headings In the past, we used initial capitals for all important words in titles and headings.

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Following each mutually inclusive step can allow you, the business writer, to facilitate strong communication that has positive results for your business. This article should help you to gain confidence and to know where to start and how to progress. Consider these two examples: A.

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We need to come up with ways to market our products to consumers in more countries. However, trends in business writing change. Where does the reader go for more information? Please consider this memo as a request for change in a process that costs our company countless hours of inefficiency and rework.

Lists with single words or short phrases With lists that are made up of single words or short phrases, many writers now choose the Microsoft default and use initial capitals.

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There has always been a need for businesses to write clearly, and a number of organisations have helped to draw attention to this need. Learn to use them! Styles change over time and the modern business writing trend is for styles to be more minimal regarding the use of capitals, bulleted lists, spaces between sentences and punctuation generally. Time is of the essence in business writing. For example: The data was analyzed according to our protocols. You need to make sure every single sentence you write is unique! I wonder whether this style will die out as Microsoft insists on defaulting to an initial capital.

Creativity People are inundated with so much content these days that they become very fickle. Of course, you need to write a catchy slogan and develop a creative campaign for it!

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Styles in modern business writing