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The Graduate School. The Public History doctoral program is only in its second year, thus no students have completed dissertations yet. Additionally, the most recent large-scale dissertation study was conducted in and found that only a few students were writing research article dissertations, she said.

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Shannon Madden. Library Services for Graduate Students NCSU Libraries offer a number of services for graduate students, including research consultations, a workshop series, study rooms, and citation tools.

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Responsible Conduct of Research RCR The Responsible Conduct of Research RCR program, housed in The Graduate School, offers seminars and courses on topics concerning the responsible conduct of research, as well as information on related topics such as mentoring, conflict of interest, intellectual property, and authorship. Our team can work with you individually to develop strategies for mentoring dissertation writing projects, integrating writing more explicitly into graduate curricula, designing and assessing writing assignments, and more. What purpose do literature reviews serve in research? This college has the most variation in types of dissertations, though Type 4: Research Article Dissertations are still the dominant form. It offers support and coaching for those who are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stuck in their researching and writing process and want support for how to handle the stresses of graduate school. It must represent a contribution to knowledge, adequately supported by data, and be written in a manner consistent with the highest standards of scholarship. Resources for Faculty The Professional Development team is eager to partner with faculty across campus to provide systematic support for graduate student writers. Spring Writing Accountability Groups Want to stay motivated and moving on your writing projects? Ideal for writers who are working on theses, dissertations, journal articles, research proposals, or other long-term writing projects and want to be part of a productive community. Graduate students were asking for discipline-specific advice on what they should be planning for their dissertations. In addition to variation in type of dissertation, the College of Engineering had the most variation in page lengths. College of Engineering We collected dissertations from all twelve doctoral programs in the College of Engineering. There is also a simple list of common forms with links. You will notice that one of the big differences is that a Type 1 dissertation is a longer, more detailed version of one of the research articles included in a Type 4 dissertation. Our sample contains dissertations from all of these disciplines see pages

An introduction can be helpful in establishing what is already known about an area of research, as well as describing gaps in the research and setting up the problem to be investigated.

Our sample contains dissertations from all of these disciplines see pages Type 3: Topic-Based Dissertation. They may be granted for up to one year.

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Of the 24 dissertations collected, 63 percent are Type 1: Simple Traditional dissertations.

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