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Since time is the defining element in music, and control has been relegated to time, music can thus be said to assume control of the action.

Orsino is so lovesick that he can think of nothing but Olivia while Olivia is so fixed upon grieving for her brother that nothing else matters to her.

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The uncertainty is resolved in the final phrase measures with a half cadence in the key of G major that reestablishes the tonic. Disharmony, misunderstanding, misnomer, misdemeanour and mismatches are common conditions running rampant in a world turned upside-down.

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The harmony of the parts of the cosmos and of parts of the human psyche was seen as the basic element of the same universal order. Feste: - Feste is Olivia's clown who delivers most of the poems and songs in the play. The most obvious form of love depicted in the Twelfth Night, is sincere love, portrayed by Viola. Music permeates Twelfth Night and is tightly interwoven into the dramatic structure and thematic concerns such as love, gender and time. As musica humana, the song evokes an inexpressible emotional response in the characters and reflects their inner conditions and attitudes. Not only are mistaken identities and disguise evident within the main plot of the play but also in various other situations. Discuss with detailed reference to the play.

Viola displays a patient, sincere, and enduring love for Orsion as well as a deep familial love for her brother. The melody employs many repetitions or close parallels of notational sequences.

His characters seem to love to disguise themselves.

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Feste dresses as a wise man. The characters in the play used deception for a variety of purposes.

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In contrast the Twelfth Night questions the supposed supremacy and Patriarchy of men. Illyria acts as a playground for revelry and limitless self indulgence. This music is being played for a duke, a powerful lord residing over the setting of all the characters. Ambiguity, intrinsic to the nature of Twelfth Night and its setting, remains. At the end of the play, all action crystallizes in comic discovery or anagnorisis. However, it is possible to try to understand love by breaking it down into several categories. There are multiple forms of love depicted throughout the play; each character represents a different type of love.

From my point of view I feel that the crux of the play is primarily based on this concept. Beyond its designation as an indefinite geographical locale, Illyria has come to be regarded as a liminal space where fantasy, romance and mystery are played out.

His enterprise of joining music and love through the corruption of words begins because of a receptive and powerful agent, Orsino, Duke of Illyria, who introduces the theme as he introduces the play.

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(PDF) (Dis)Harmony in Illyria: Music, Order, and Time in Twelfth Night