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She takes the life of not only a king and his daughter, but also of two of her own children. She is out for revenge and wishes death upon her enemies.

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Dramatic suspense, employment of the chorus and Deus Ex Machina also serve to enhance the intense persona assumed by Medea. It is no wonder then that at the start of the play she is found to be wallowing in the throes of despair, self-pity and anguish. Any subject. In the play "Medea", Medea killed Kryon 's daughter and her own children with Jason' s traitorous betrayal against her Glauce. As a result, until Medea finally declares her murderous intent, Euripides continues to provide a rationale for her rage and direct sympathy towards her through the perspectives of the other characters and her interactions with them, including the chorus of Corinthian women. Not only that, but also how the standards for women versus men differ. In ancient Greece, women suffered great hardships Euripides showed his interest in psychology in his many understanding portraits of women 'World Book';

Euripides portrays Medea as the archetype of emotion, passion, and vengeance and Jason as a symbol of reason, forethought, and betrayal.

I thought sad about Medea, but as soon as I saw her real color, I changed quickly. Euripides wrote Medea of Euripides in BC at a time in Greece, when males were governing, and women had limited rights.

In society, men and women are defined by gender roles throughout their activities and emotions.

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For the unforgivable sins of murder, in the first degree. Initially, males direct the lives all members in the relationship by either negatively or positively utilizing their power. Medea rises against societal norms during this time by her strong belief in her own ideas, she rises to power, and begins to challenge the idea of a strong, heroic character The lower she sinks the more terrible revenge she wants to reap on Jason Medea's headstrong and opinionated nature is one aspect of her nonconformity to traditional Greek standards. His interest in particular was the analysis of culture and relationship between culture and the individual. In Medea, a woman betrays her homeland because of her love for a man. She has nothing to relax. Euripides showed his interest in psychology in his many understanding portraits of women 'World Book'; For example, while Odysseus was on his journey, she agrees to remarry on condition, which appears as though she is betraying her husband. Any type of essay. However, Medea, as a fictional character, lives only within the confines of a morality story and therefore was doomed from the very beginning.

All the way back to Euripides play, Medea. Here Agamemnon had betrayed Clytaemnestra and their daughters trust, and for that she sought revenge.

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