Landfill situation in hong kong

Landfill situation in hong kong

Chan is more enthusiastic about plans to build a food processing plant on Lantau, which would recycle waste from the commercial kitchens around the airport.

There is not a single discarded plastic bottle or used newspaper in sight.

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Of course, the problem was already present. These wastes need to be treated separately. It is found that although we have made some progress in the overall waste recovery rate, there is still room for improvement in different aspects in waste reduction and domestic waste recovery.

Arrangements are being developed for the proper treatment and disposal of these wastes, but more time is needed to address community concerns about such facilities.

Such plants may also produce biogas to fuel cars.

Hong kong landfill statistics

The non-inert portion of the waste still goes to landfills. With space at such a premium, there is precious little room to build new landfill sites. What can be done? The EPD keeps regular statistics on each waste type, such as composition, quantity sent for disposal and quantity recycled. Both can be harmful to human health and toxic to the environment [13]. It allows people across the world to report rubbish hotspots in their rivers and on their coastlines, which Woodring hopes could bring greater international awareness to these issues and encourage local communities to take more responsibility. Green Power organises an ongoing " Zero Waste Action ", aiming to reduce the waste the territory produces. Related Stories.

The wastewater, odours and emissions from the stations are all controlled. The more companies and people hear from other people trying to reduce waste, the better it is.

Avoiding the generation of waste in the first place and minimising waste are also crucial measures in any waste reduction strategy.

Hong kong waste statistics 2018

Carrying reusable containers around is heavy and you need to remember to pack them, and then you need to walk the walk. Clinical waste consists of waste generated from various healthcare, laboratory and research practices as defined in Section 2 and Schedule 8 of the Waste Disposal Ordinance. Landfill gas is an important source of greenhouse gases that has been clearly shown to contribute to global warming [14] , whilst leachate can be an important source of local contamination, especially to waterways [15]. As Hong Kong is very close to the sea as well as to heavily built up areas, the control of emissions is of high importance [16]. Refuse plastic straws. GoCup , which has been around since , promotes the habit of bringing your own reusable beverage container to cafes to avoid takeaway cups. The main vein of the strategy is to implement the polluter-pays principle through MSW charging and producer responsibility schemes PRSs. However, the magnitude of the issue is so devastatingly large and so compounded by the systems we live in that seem bent on perpetrating it, that we are all going to have to do much more, be more thoughtful, and demand better from all the entities that serve us. For details, please visit Green Procurement. While Chinese businesses were able to make use of scrap metals, plastics, and rare metals in electronic goods, it also often came with unusable and contaminated leftovers including food and medical waste — creating further environmental issues for Chinese cities.

My hope is that the new regulations force us to confront the problem in a more active way, and become undeniably aware of the waste we generate. But these schemes need further government support, including a better system that forces families and businesses to separate the different kinds of waste — food, plastics, glass — at the source, before it is collected.

Through waste sorting and separation, inert material is used as fill in reclamation sites, when available.

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Municipal solid waste includes waste from households, industry and commercial operations, but landfills are also under tremendous pressure from construction waste.

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Hong Kong's landfills on the brink of overflowing