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The Guardian- settlement numbers B. The main issues were; border disputes, security, the control of Jerusalem, recognition as well as Palestinian freedom of movement.

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This conflict has been greatly influenced and altered by the opinions and movements made by outsiders, specifically international powers such as the United States.

Poverty and lack of opportunities breed crime even in developed nations like the United States; so it is no wonder that the effect is similar on Palestinian territories where people have a ready-made target for violence and the alleged culprit of all their misfortunes — Israel.

So you can focus on these aspects and open up some of the issues you think are relevant.

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Israel-Palestine is an 80 mile wide area of land situated in the western Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Egypt to the south, Jordan and Syria to the east, and Lebanon to the north. In recent years, a major effort on the part of the International community has been employed in an attempt to bring peace to the troubled region, yet every time peace accords seem to be at hand, everything falls apart.

Uniting them is the core assignment of the peace process. At large, it is the result of misunderstandings and inactions.

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However, the plan was rejected by Arabs, and the proclamation of Israel as an independent state on May 14, , led to the immediate attack of Arabs Pappe, , p. The Israeli-palestinian conflict is one that goes way back to the time of the Old Testament. Basically a persuasive essay and argues for Israel. During recent years the conflict in the Middle East had been exploded on to our television screens. However, this is not a war to simply meet indiscriminate aggression against aggression. But a tectonic shift occurred with the swift Israeli victory in the 6 day war of , when Israel occupied the territories. Currently, the formation of the permanent structure of the Palestinian state is an issue for debate.

In a great number of movies Hollywood provides the answer to this question: Arabs are cruel murderers, sleazy rapists, religious fanatics, oil-rich dimwits, and abusers of women Shaheen 2.

However, the reasons do have many other concerns attached to them that you should give consideration to. The reasons— the religion, the border issues, the control of water, security, etc are the main underlying issues that is dragging the wars for years and years.

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