Importance of sports in life

In addition, a study conducted by psychology professor Arthur Kramer of the University of Illinois found that playing a strategic video game improved older adults' memory, reasoning ability and cognitive functions.

All of these would qualify as aerobic activity while they also allow you to compete and have fun.

essay on importance of games and sports with headings

I can attest that there is no greater investment than the future of our young student athletes. Participation in organised sports offers the chance for youth to enhance their physical and social skills. They learn to respect authority, rules, team colleagues and opponents.

importance of sports in school

The third and I believe the most crucial of all is the support that comes from the community, and administration. Active people tend to have lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure.

All the above reasons show how sport and games are an integral part of the education system and must be incorporated in every school.

Importance of sports in life
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Exercise Tips: Importance of Sports in Our Life