Human nature in macbeth essay

Lady Macbeth is the ambitious and amoral wife of Macbeth, who encourages, and aids him in committing regicide and as a result loses everything she had During the play there is a significant amount of emphasis on the different attributes and sides of human nature.

After he's committed murders, Macbeth is consumed with guilt and fear of his crimes being discovered.

what does macbeths character reveal about human nature

There are some upright qualities but also bad qualities in human nature that could potentially lead to a downfall. The Second Murderer says: I am one, my liege, Whom the vile blows and buffets of the world Hath so incensed that I am reckless what I do To spite the world.

Note from the quote above how Macbeth is frustrated with battling the fates and his own feelings; he determines that life signifies nothing.

Human nature in macbeth essay

All of these qualities lead to his tragic death at the end of the play. Those things being said, he is not inherently good nor inherently evil; he is capable of both. A golden age of felicity has not arrived: and the promise of a pill for every ill remains, as it always will, unfulfilled. Human nature as reflected in Macbeth Essay example Human nature as reflected in Macbeth Essay example Words Oct 28th, 7 Pages Show More Human nature as reflected in Macbeth Human nature has sparked much debate throughout history. Would thou hadst less deserved, That the proportion both of thanks and payment Might have been mine. Did this really ring no bells during the Soviet era? The bell invites me. Get your price writers online The nature of mankind makes us struggle to choose between right and wrong. Shakespeare displays the negative side of human nature through three of the main characters. Author: Cari Minns. Macbeth promises to honor him and that makes it even harder for Banquo to reveal the secret. Get Essay Such a view interprets this phenomenon to indicate that human nature is originally selfish. The prevention of evil will always require more than desirable social arrangements: it will forever require personal self-control and the conscious limitation of appetites. Throughout the play, Macbeth experience somewhat of a fall from grace.

Though, even after accomplishing her goal, she is still unsatisfied throughout the rest of the play. As Shakespeare knew, rule without consent entails terror, ideology or not.

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Shakespeare no less than Solzhenitsyn understood the role of agents provocateur and entrapment in tyrannies. Thus, it is clear that when a person has extreme and uncontrollable selfishness, it also brings more or less disasters to himself.

Is macbeth a dark play

And it is why Britain's most notorious murderess, Myra Hindley, who has just died, properly stayed in prison until the end. I dare do all that may become a man; Who dares do more is none. He demonstrates the unsavory side human nature through three of the main characters. In the play, the title character is encouraged by his wife to kill the King Duncan so he himself can assume the role. Macbeth is ambitious, true: but not only is ambition, in the sense of a desire for the just approbation of one's fellow men a good quality, but Macbeth is not so ambitious that nothing else matters. Nor is he the victim of injustice or ingratitude that might extenuate, though not excuse, his later crimes. If any person commits a sin, there is always the feeling of guilt, if we ignore our guilt it can lead to a destruction of our conscience. Betrayal, suspicion, and paranoia follow this criminal act, and MacBeth falls deeper into the grasp of darkness and evil. To someone who was so blinded by his hunger for power it drove him to incredible lengths such as killing his own cousin and best friend, to receive what was promised him by the witches. Not only in Macbeth but in the real world today this is portrayed. Thus, it is clear that when a person has extreme and uncontrollable selfishness, it also brings more or less disasters to himself. The supernatural elements are the key contributors to the play. Shakespeare is interested in the essentials of human nature, not the accidentals of human history, though, of course, he knows that every man must live at a particular time and place.

And in showing us that the line is always there, easily and disastrously crossed, Shakespeare destroys the utopian illusion that social arrangements can be made so perfect that men will no longer have to strive to be good. No number of years in prison can be equivalent to the torture and killing of children: if it were, the term could be served in advance and the person who served it would be entitled to commit his crimes on his release.

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