How to write a postcard to students

If you don't have any, you could just provide a piece of paper and get the students to draw their own picture on it.

While they are guessing they can ask these questions 1. What are your favorite literacy activities? Not necessarily. My suggestion in this post is to engage with the simple but worthwhile act of sending a postcard -- something that I admit seems from a bygone age. Some classrooms choose to create their own custom postcardsusing a class photo at a local landmark.

Postcard writing practice

Multitasking at its finest! Here are five easy steps to get your own postcard exchange going. Encourage them to include a fact about your state and some of their own favorite things about where they live. When they finish they can check their answer. Plus, ways to encourage a global perspective in your classroom. Write a postcard using topic vocabulary. The first time I used this technique, I kept the cards in my desk and wrote a few each week as I "caught" each person doing something helpful, studious, or out-of-the ordinary.

This fosters interactions around the school, strengthening our community. Author: Nik Peachey Preparation You'll need a stack of postcards 1 or 2 for each student.

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Once they have written the cards ask them to exchange them with someone else if you've used e-cards, they can email them to someone else in the class.

Other times, the proverbial postbox is empty. There are nice places to see such as the famous waterfall. Party animal?

how to write a postcard to students

Get the best of Edutopia in your inbox each week. Many teachers ask each student to bring in stamped postcards as a homework assignment.

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How to write a postcard that’ll earn you mad brownie points (w/ templates)