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Good luck, writers! I moved from my job at a local newspaper in Iowa to a PR job in a bigger city, and overnight I became hyper-aware of my dress pants that were too uptight and my Target basics that were too, well, basic.

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The truth is that anyone can do PR. Each publication has a different audience, and you should be pitching with that audience in mind.

Freelance pitch templates

Here are all the interesting personalized components that I highlighted above: The easiest way to get a journalist to drop his guard is to mention someone they know and trust. This should come at the bottom of the pitch. Sharing relevant content is great, but if you really want to hit the bullseye, try this next relationship-building email. How do I get the editors interested in it? This is not because the media is biased but because voters have an unprecedented ability to self-select the news they receive. Lesson: stand out by telling journalists that your content is visual right in the subject line. Do Your Homework. Paragraph three: My angle, who I plan to interview, what else I plan to research.

The secret is to personalize just enough to make the email sound like it was custom written, not mass emailed. My complete portfolio is here. Provide an outline of photos, graphics or other visuals that will accompany the story.

How to write a pitch for a movie

Your story should relate to a recent story. Here are a few things to keep in mind when pitching articles for magazines, newspapers and the web. It merely asks the journalist if they want to know more. Repackage it and pitch it to someone else. Email body This email feels like a fan sharing something relevant, not a marketer trying to push his agenda. This avoids the problem of long emails which journalists hate by breaking down the pitch and the actual content into two separate emails. It's also a good idea to be familiar with a given publication's editorial calendar, usually available on their website sometimes under the advertising section.

Alison Palmerowner of the freelance network Journohubhighlights the value of finding a news peg or some stats to make your pitch more timely. What are the stakes?

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Pitching Articles: 5 Tips for a Successful Freelance Writing Pitch