How to write a bibliography mla style for an interview

In-text citation. Works Cited Smith, Zadie.

how to cite a movie mla

Interview by First Name Last Name. The Foucault Reader, Pantheon,pp.

how to write a bibliography mla style for an interview

The New Yorker, 13 Julywww. Interview in a journal For an interview published in an academic journal, you need to include the journal name, volume and number, the date or year, and the page range.

Jolie, Angelina. Interview by John Smith.

how to cite an anonymous interview mla

YouTube, uploaded by Louisiana Channel, 17 Apr. Discussions with a Star. In-text citation Read more about how to cite a book in MLA.

Conducted by Duncan Thaw, 08 Aug With the exception of May, June, and July, month names should be abbreviated four letters for September, three letters for all other months and followed with a period. If the source is a video or audio recording, add the time range instead.

For a personally conducted interview, after the person interviewed, state the type of interview e.

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How do I document an interview in MLA style?