Essay on why i want to be a neonatal nurse

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Having a house nearer to an airport and watching the planes take-off and land daily from the terrace was the first seed sowed in my heart that made me take up engineering so that I could be as nearer to my passion of aeronautics as possible During the first few minute until 6 hours of life, the neonate is considered to be transitioning from Expanded Nursing Career: roles, requirements and scope words - 5 pages In the second half of the 20th century, nursing saw lots of advancement in nursing theories and practice.

When they are able to see infants who were once critically ill later go on to thrive, they are reminded of the true purpose of their day-to-day work. The type of work environment, the salary that the job provides and flexibility with work hours are all things that have drawn me to this occupation.

I knew there would also have to be some balancing of my time, budget, and keeping my stress level intact. I am still skeptical on what I optate to do with the rest of my life, but I cerebrate this research has availed me to decide. Some of these babies may need a source of supplemental oxygen, intravenous therapy, specialized feedings, or more time to mature before being discharged from the hospital.

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If you're already a practicing RN, you might consider advancing your nursing expertise by earning a bachelor's degree. There is one career in which I find interesting which is obstetric nursing. At this time, I did not know what kind of nurse I wanted to become, but I knew that nursing was my purpose. Neonatal nursing have been around since the s. After they gain the required licenses, they can then move onto basic nursing skills training, as most hospitals ask of their employees to participate in. The NICU environment can be undoubtedly stressful for nurses , infants and families alike. Mennuti March 1, Obstetrics Nurse During the past four years people have asked me what I wanted to do for a vocation after high school. Natural surfactant extract versus synthetic surfactant for neonatal respiratory distress syndrome Cochrane review. Two nurse aids were bathing a man that was in a coma. Prior to the advent of this specialized nursing field at risk newborn infants were mostly cared for by obstetricians and midwives who had limited resources to help them survive Meeks 3. You have to focuses on taking care of ill or newborn infants. They assist pediatricians in assessing and treating conditions and developmental phases unique to these growing and developing bodies, often communicating with and educating parents along the way.

Parents will rely on you. The implant was a pump. Therefore, nurses play a very important role in providing round the clock care for these infants, those born with birth defects or other life threatening illness.

Boyd 5 November Registered Nurse There are approximately 2. This career I chose will be easy and hard.

Essay on why i want to be a neonatal nurse

Some four year colleges offer registered nursing programs, as well as some specialized community colleges. He had a penal implant from having prostate cancer. These careers have an immense potential to contribute to the health care system. With my personal experience, I have discovered this is the kind nurse I want to become. Show More Neonatal nursing is a field of nursing designed especially for both newborns and infants up to 28 days old. Neonatal nursing have been around since the s. You have bad, awful days; and you have days that make you glad you chose this field. Natural surfactant extract versus synthetic surfactant for neonatal respiratory distress syndrome Cochrane review.
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Why I Want to Be a Neonatal Nurse? Essay