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These changes have been rapid, but not without precedent nor approval. The Avro Arrow is also something Canadians should take pride in. Nonetheless, he is relentlessly passionate, insisting he bring his Canada flag, Canada cap, and Canada sweater to school each day.

Inthe American revolution against British rule began. Canada began to allow multi races such as Chinese, Japanese, and the Jewish to live in Canada, however, life was still difficult for the non- whites They are also known for their peacekeeping ways.

I stumbled to a bus stop and waited at an intersection on my way home. It regularly gives headaches to the federal government, which has to compromise and accommodate Canadians with very different goals.

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By and large, Canadians tend to be wary of extremists alike, mitigating any radical polarization of national politics so common to other countries. I believe multiculturalism is a good idea. Sometimes they burn their bagels but they make fresh bagels the next day. Our winters months are spent with friends and family on the snow filled landscapes of Muskoka, rediscovering childhood skiing and snowboarding adventures. When I began sharing my experience with family, friends, and neighbours, I discovered why I am proud to be Canadian. Whether we are born in Canada or have immigrated here, this is our home and, as the old saying goes, "home is where your heart is". They helped me find my parents and made me feel safe. How did they form. People came to Canada for many reasons. I love going to the provincial parks because you get to go tent camping with your family. Passing on our values and love for this country is a legacy. So, many apologies to Americans for what will follow, but this essay has a world-wide audience after all.

They came for a better quality of life, better employment opportunities, they also came for political reasons. Bone-chilling, minus-thirty-Celsius-degrees winter from December to March of every year.

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We have proven that Canada is able to sustain itself, and have learnt from the past mistakes of older countries. While the French fled and left Canada stranded, Canadian soldiers and commanders held their ground, through mustard gas attacks, heavy artillery, and many loses. Exactly what the title says, it's my view on what it means to be Canadian. Passing on our values and love for this country is a legacy. The increasingly multicultural population of Canada poses challenges of its own; we will have to manage this transition without becoming a country of isolated cultures. Therefore, I believe Canada is nothing short of amazing. Roughly the equivalent of the American Bill of Rights, the Charter has not only enshrined generally-recognized rights in law, but has since proven remarkably successful in guiding the courts and Parliament in implementing social reforms that rival any other country in the world. Canada does not have military ambitions: by virtue of size, power and politeness, it believes that multilateralism is the only way to lasting peace: Our involvement in the United Nations is the logical extension of our foreign policy. Expect an unprecedented level of cooperation and concensus-building, or else another election quite soon. Canada is generous and helpful. The Centre Block on Parliament Hill, containing th Finally, the artistry of the fall season returns once again, reuniting us for our back to school walks through the elegantly forested streets of Vellore Woods. Summers were spent in High park playing baseball, visiting the High Park zoo and seeing the exotic wildlife enjoying the world renowned cherry blossoms and also swimming at Sunnyside public pool. Modesty is a Canadian virtue, and it also suggests that we should take some time to reflect on the shortcomings of Canada. We will need to pay more attention to trouble spots around the globe and suggest multilateral intervention before situations escalate beyond control.

We wear more clothing. Canadian are generally not flag wavers, you do not see flags in most people's yards like you do in the US, my family does not have a flag in our yard, but that doesn't make us any less Canadian.

Every year I would return, always delighted to meet the gray-feathered Flappy, my favourite seagull. One element of Canadas national identity that has not changed over the years is the countries perceived love for the game of hockey. These Canadian stories are endless.

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