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As a teenager, I was also given opportunities to facilitate small groups for the Alpha Course, and to help lead youth group meetings and events. The church stewards the mysteries of grace, but does so in order to serve the world. As a pastor, I want to empower others to respond to how God is calling them. God is also at work in the world beyond the church, an understanding supported by Scriptural stories such as Balaam in Numbers 22 and Cyrus the Great in the ending of the Babylonian exile. With that in mind, I believe that God has called me to serve as a parish pastor. Rather, God has been shaping my faith throughout my entire life. With each semester my confidence has grown in my ability to share my faith through preaching, teaching and personal witness. After the first time, students can come back and serve on team for future retreats. As a teen serving on the team putting on the weekend, TEC was the first place I was given the opportunity to give talks and to lead small groups in discussion, experiences important in my discernment of my vocation. Lin Rohr this past year.

Our mission as the church is to speak of God, proclaiming the gospel message that God has broken into the world in the person of Jesus Christ to set people free. We are called to work for justice so all people may experience the abundant life God intends.

And I also know that since then he has worked within the events of my life to reveal to me this call to leadership within the church. I also used some humor to welcome people into the story, like the bag over my head, and a joke about having a master of ceremonies or opening act introduce me as the preacher.

The congregation I preached this sermon to is a well-established, affluent, upper-middle class congregation of about members. I looked especially at how John is described in the prologue verses John and then how he describes himself when the priests and Levites from Jerusalem come and question him.

I am so very grateful for the ministry of women that is Women of the ELCA, for they offered me my first opportunity to serve the wider church. I cannot claim some sudden epiphany that came to me or even one specific event in my life that put me on this path.

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While the job and the company were great, and I successfully proved to myself that yes, I can be successful as a programmer, I also realized that there was something missing, that working as a programmer — as important as it is — is not my call at this point.

Prior to beginning at Wartburg Theological Seminary, my experiences as a lay leader in the church were a response to challenges from a primarily intuitive approach.

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I believe this has helped to clarify what I have considered instinctual and given me the opportunity to be a stronger leader. In 1 Samuelwe get the story of how Samuel was called by God.

Elca candidacy essay
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ELCA Candidacy Approval Essay Part 4