Discharge plans a case study

Variability thus represents a normal, necessary part of clinical work, and it demands the ability to cope with unpredictable, unstable working environments [ 14 ].

nursing discharge plan for diabetes mellitus type 2

Recruitment during hospitalization may be ethically challenging owing to the ability of elderly patients to provide informed consent as a result of functional decline, strain, and cognitive impairments. The final step is to propose ways of managing or diminishing the possible occurrence of uncontrolled performance variability.

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The experiences of complex patients can be used to identify gaps in hospital discharge practices and design interventions to improve outcomes. Journal of Hospital Medicine ; The FRAM clarifies outcomes in terms of how functions become connected, how everyday performance variability may result from the way individual functions are completed, and how these functions affect one another.

Chest x-ray reveals upper- and middle-lobe opacities on the right side and some atelectasis in the lower lobe.

Example of case study in aged care

His platelet count decreases to 70, mm3, urine output declines to 0. On physical exam, a large, nontender lymph node is detected in the right supraclavicular fossa. The first author nursing background conducted the observations based on a semi-structured observation guide, which is in accordance with the FRAM approach. However, performance variability and the factors that influence hospital discharge practices and outcomes are for the most part poorly understood and have not been fully investigated. We identified common functions through an iterative process. Knowledge about performance variability has not commonly been recognized as an asset, and it has rarely been gathered in a systematic fashion [ 12 ]. Duration is a significant source of variability, primarily determined by the time of day the patient was determined medically fit for discharge. Performance variability—observed functioning of discharge practices Our data indicated substantial variability in the way discharge functions are performed.

Success here was defined in terms of reported quality of information transfer, the level of post-discharge care, the duration of the process, and level of satisfaction. The appropriate level of analysis at which to operationalize variety in organizational work processes has been questioned [ 22 ].

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A sample case study: Mrs Brown