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Any subject. The use of irony, word choice, and powerful images, all create the sense of atmosphere in each stanza.

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It particularly contrasts with verse four; he could once play football but now he cannot even put himself to bed. The contrast of mood and tone is used in the first and second stanza, which creates a change of mood Owen is obviously sympathetic to the soldier's lack of understanding, but he is also angry about "the military system that enabled the soldier to enlist through lying about his age". Learn More He seems to have thought that the people would appreciate him as a hero because he had gone to war but now they just appear to look at him with pity because he came back disabled from the war. He felt that the ladies that would have been attracted to him before he went war were now viewing him as if he had an illness. Also, the poem of half rhyme gave his poetry a dissonant, disturbing quality that amplified his theme. If the army was to look at the soldiers as heroes, there is no doubt that this feeling would be passed on to the whole society.

Above all, the boy hopes to maintain his physical dignity in his death and would rather die with a hand than die with a missing hand, this helps to shows the theme of loss when the boy dies.

The reader was able to picture a man that can not walk and he had to use a wheel chair in order to get around. The slightly frequent changes between the past and present create a striking view on what the soldier has had to surrender.

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He got no cheers when he came back from the war. He will no longer have the chance to put his arms around girls' slim waists or feel their warm hands.

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Soon he was drafted, and the air was filled with "drums and cheer". It also emphasises how much the soldier lost in the war. He was working in France when the war began, tutoring a prominent French family.

Both poems acquire the theme of loss quite efficiently and adolescent mistakes to describe to the modern reader the detrimental effects of war. Instead, only the positive side of the war is talked about Kendall

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Disabled By Wilfred Owen