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The success of the companys previous performance management process was measured by employee compliance instead of a commitment to behavioral change.

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Social media flows through nearly every department at Cathay Pacific from marketing communications to employee recruitment and customer service. An automated tool provides a consistent, transparent method to record and review the agreed-upon standards and progress toward achievement. Cathay Pacific is faced with the challenge that it must continually reinvent itself, and that calls for engagement at all levels of the organizationit will not happen simply by the senior management team. Up until now, passengers have found their experience with Cathay Pacific to be high quality, reliable, and predictable, but lacking a little in the human touch. It offers scheduled passenger and cargo services to nearly destinations in 49 countries and territories. How can Cathay used the Balanced Scorecard technique to measure the short term and long term benefits delivered by CXeBuy? Once the goals of the development plan are identified, the next step is to develop options of how employees can achieve their goals. The company needed a performance management approach that would be engaging and empowering for employees. Competency Assessment and Analysis Competencies are behaviors and qualities that Cathay Pacific wants to encourage and further develop in its staff. Now, with CXeBuy, such requests are simply posted on the Web or otherwise delivered electronically, thus reducing costs and time in communication 4. In addition to the companys fleet of aircraft, these investments include catering, aircraft maintenance and ground handling companies, as well as corporate headquarters at Hong Kong International Airport. Customer service is a top priority for the organization and therefore every touch point a customer engages with deserves exceptional customer service. The company felt that structuring competencies would only get it to performancenot good enough.

Representatives of the cabin crew must be actively involved to ensure that whatever process is put in place supports the crews very different work environment.

Cathay Pacific and its subsidiaries and associates employ 26, staff in Hong Kong.

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The Challenge Did you buy your last airline ticket online? Whether that results in a minor adjustment or a major change in how Cathay Pacific interacts with its customers, as long as it continues to foster a healthy environment, it will stay on the right track.

It will establish a clear link between industry trends and strategic response. Positive QualitiesIn many situations, competencies cannot be defined by a simple definition, because the good performance of a competency actually depends on the situation.

Cathay Pacifics rationale for a performance management solution focuses on two levels: the business level and the individual level. HR Focused on Self-Service Operations: Yet Clear Need for Further Employee Development Strategy Just as customers of Cathay Pacific have more control, more choice, and more self-help capabilities, the companys Human Resources department has reengineered most processes to be self-help for employees since Fong and his colleagues scale the infrastructure behind its website applications on-demand — and therefore the IT team avoids the need to overprovision.

An enterprise performance management solution is not just an HR tool: it is a business tool and employee development solution. The companys vision is to be the most admired airline in the world.

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Asking for complete clarity when people are still digesting what is possible hinders rather than gains commitment. Customer Service Is 1 Priority: Focus on Line Operations It should come as no surprise that the business success of Cathay Pacific is based on customer retentionfor the company, service is absolutely critical. The system was implemented for ground crew and operations in , so that it was ready for the appraisal year. The Challenge Did you buy your last airline ticket online? Competency Assessment and Analysis Competencies are behaviors and qualities that Cathay Pacific wants to encourage and further develop in its staff. For example, positive qualities mean that the employee is developing or improving. In these circumstances, they are called negative exaggerations. It lead the Company becomes the youngest fleet in the world. It wanted to make sure each employee was considered an individualgiving people the courage and imagination, but keeping that behavior in alignment with business objectives.
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Service Operations Management: Cathay Pacific Airways Case