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The term attribution refers to how we as human beings attach meaning to our own, and other people 's behaviour.

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Draw on the mini-case to identify and explain three biases or errors that may affect the decision-making process of Tom and Amy. Explanations and the need for control.

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Attachment theory provides an explanation on how parent and child relationships are formed and the important role they play in child development In terms of understanding a certain behavior, people tend to attribute various causes and reasons to that behavior.

This type of analysis helps us to understand the way in which self-perception and the internalized perceptions of the external world influences motivation through different types of attribution.

Apply equity theory The importance of positive work environments and its benefit is that great workplaces can help motivate employees This will include the different types of PR followed by how each theory correlates with these day to day operations.

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Hewstone ed Attribution theory: social and functional extensions.

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