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As a consequence both countries gain from specializing because international trade increases the consumption possibilities of each country, as panel 3 shows for country 1.

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In other words a country has a cost advantage in producing a good if its relative productivity is higher than its relative wage. So rent is not a part of cost, and being so it does not and cannot enter into cost and price. Superior grades of land might cease to be cultivated if a fall in the price of its output causes such land being demanded for other purposes e. Rent is Due to the Original and Indestructible Power of the Soil: According to Ricardo, every plot of land is endowed by nature with certain powers which are original and indestructible. Thus, Ricardo, unwittingly though, proved that the unearned income of the capitalist goes on increasing with the increase in population. Original and Indestructible Powers of the Soil: The Ricardian theory rests upon the fundamental assumption that land possesses some original and indestructible powers. Wages are determined by the P i of a good i and productivity of and individual a i producing good i. If the supply of good quality land was adequate it would not have been necessary to do so.

Reasons for that phenomenon might be the prohibition of knowledge transfer and the avoidance of shortages in the provision of goods. It states that output will not be increasing at the same rate at which labour and capital increases. Long Run: The Ricardian theory of rent is based upon the assumption of long period.

With the result, the owners of superior grade of land will come to enjoy a sort of surplus which by definition constitutes rent. The first two plots are called the intra-marginal and the third one is the marginal or no-rent land.

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In simple words, if we deduct the return on the capital investment made by the landowner from the contractual rent, we will be left only with the pure land rent which according to Ricardian terminology is the price for the use of land only. The difference between the produce of the superior lands and that of the inferior lands is rent—what is called differential rent. So the supply of land to a particular use is not fixed inelastic. Therefore trade patterns depend on the geography and costs of trade Eaton; Kortum, ; Deardorff, Since under perfect competition, the product price is given, economic rent is that surplus which accrues over and above the cost of production. Rent is the Factor Income of Land: It is payment made to the landlord on account of the original and indestructible powers of the soil. The first and second plots of land generate a surplus shows by the shaded area, which represents the rent of the first two plots of land. Features of Ricardian Theory: The major features of Ricardian theory of rent are as under: 1. The Importance of the Ricardian Model of International Trade Certainly the Ricardian model is one of the most promoted economic ideas to defend the benefits of international trade. If [Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten] , country 1 would specialize in the pro- duction of good 1 and country 2 would specialize in the production of good 2. Each good produced in an economy requires a crucial amount of units of labour a i, e. Descending Order of Cultivation: Theory assumes that different tracts of land are brought under cultivation in a descending order of fertility. Rent and Price: From the Ricardian theory we can show the relation between rent of land and price of wheat. With the result, the owners of superior grade of land will come to enjoy a sort of surplus which by definition constitutes rent.

Since there are no profits the wage w equals i P. The price of produce must be equal to the cost of cultivation on the less fertile land. Statement of the Theory: According to Ricardo, in the beginning of the civilization, when population is not much, the food requirements of the people may be met by the cultivation of only the best tracks of land.

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Thus, it was the high price of corn which caused an increase in the demand for land and a rise in its price, rather than the price of land pushing up the price of corn.

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Ricardian Theory of Rent