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The DBQ causes many students a great deal of anxiety. Did I utilize at least six of the documents to support the argument?

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Fifth paragraph: Conclusion that reiterates your argument You may be thinking, why do I need that fourth paragraph? Fight that instinct, because these steps will help you write a more coherent essay. Similar to your outside knowledge, you must show contextualization. Well, no one ever said it was going to be easy. Perhaps you remember something about the Spanish-American War of , which falls into our time period. Read the source information for each document. In other words, you must connect the documents to the larger picture of events, processes, and developments occurring before, during, or after. Ideally, this is what you are going to write in your DBQ essay while using the provided documents as evidence. Let's take a look at this question. If you get a little creative, it will help your grade.

The documents typically include a graph, map, or political cartoon, as well as excerpts from diaries, speeches, and legislative acts. Although this is true, it is important to remember that the questions always cover subjects taken from the topical outline.

Did I use evidence to corroborate, modify, or qualify an argument? This includes information about the society in question, the time period or the theme.

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Make sure your document is relevant to the DBQ essay question given. As you write When you are writing your DBQ, use the five paragraph essay to your advantage. College Board materials are the best source of practice DBQs. Throw in a fact here, a year there. For instance, in Document 1, the Historical Situation would be the antebellum period which saw abolition grow out of the Second Great Awakening. Here are some of the important things you need to consider in the 15 minutes you are given for preparation. If they ask a question about causation, show short-term and long-term causes, as well as short-term and long-term effects. Throw it in. Read the source information Take these two documents below as an example. So, if the document is about muckrakers, connect it to the Progressive Era. It is very important to note the significance of outside information.

You get one point for this type of complex understanding. So, if the document is about muckrakers, connect it to the Progressive Era.

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An excerpt from the War Powers Act, Many students find it very helpful to organize the documents by placing them into a chart. Here is an example of what your chart could look like: Document. We know that there are economic, political, and social causes for conflict.

However, you do need to have some background knowledge to make sense of the documents we will practice this later in the post. Well, no one ever said it was going to be easy.

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You get one point for this type of complex understanding. How can I use this information to support the argument? To answer this, we're going to want to write an essay and, at the very least, I would go for your standard five paragraph essay where you have an introductory statement, introduction, which includes a strong thesis statement and we'll get to how to write one of those soon. What are the important and relevant details of this document? Do you see the difference? Following good strategies is essential. Now you might be able to end on a note that shows your knowledge of what's to come, but really for the meat of this essay, you want to stick to the time period in question. What is a DBQ essay? Is my outside information impressive? So you'll get 55 minutes to do this portion of the exam and it's generally recommended that you spend about 15 of those minutes planning your answer and about 40 of those minutes actually writing your answer. Develop a temporary thesis After reading the prompt, come up with a temporary thesis that will guide you in terms of how to use the supporting documents. Generally speaking, the documents will represent multiple perspectives on one topic. Begin your minute mandatory reading period by carefully examining the assignment.

Historians write arguments based on documents, and for this exam, you will, too.

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