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The majority of sightseeing consists of visits to various war memorials, monuments to the Great Leader and the Workers Party of Korea, and numerous museums mostly war-related, like the statues and monuments.

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Construction was taking place everywhere, and we still wondered why many people were wandering around aimlessly, or living in semi-completed buildings. On the other hand, you may get one that will strictly adhere to controlling where you take pictures restricting anything taken from a tour bus or of certain areas, like Pyongyang's city streets, in general. American and Japanese citizens are currently restricted from taking the train into and out of the DPRK due to poor bilateral relations. PM Time to relax and swim on the beautiful beaches of Wonsan! It is also possible to play volleyball against or wrestle the village team. Are People Brainwashed in North Korea? Buy[ edit ][ add listing ] In Foreign Exchange Certificates FEC were abolished and along with them went all the different coloured currencies. The briefing lasts approximately one hour followed by a question and answer session. This is not how the majority of North Koreans live.

Do not try to reason, state facts, change the narrative or attempt to overturn the words and actions of your North Korean guide or those you come across at designated sites.

Formal dress is also expected at important monuments such as Mansudae or in visiting the Kumsusang Memorial Palace. Whilst you might welcome this if the jukebox is starting to get to you, this is not a desirable outcome if you are in the middle of an amusement-park ride, particularly as these blackouts can last for hours at a time.

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Cannabis, however, is not banned and is mostly used for producing fibre. Kumgang and hiking at Mt.

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Eat[ edit ][ add listing ] Your guide will order all your food for you, and you will eat in hard-currency only restaurants. This is sent to travellers after a booking has been finalised. The Mass Games are an art form in North Korea, developed over decades, which can involve up to , performers in massive synchronised displays of gymnastics and dance. It is also wise to keep up to date with the latest news agenda, alongside political tensions in the area and those between North Korea and your country of citizenship that may affect your entry to the country as well as any pending bans or rule changes. Again, as emphasized before, always ask your guides if you are ever in doubt. Alternatively, meet the group at the Air Koryo check-in counter. PM Upon arrival at Mount Chilbo, we will start our tour of the mountain range. Your guides will take your passport and keep it during your stay in North Korea, or at least for the first couple of days of your tour, for "security reasons" or simply because your entry and exit dates must be registered — the black stamps on the back of your visa or passport.

If you are in an area that prohibits picture taking, you will also be informed of this and it is best to simply follow your guide's direction. It is both the pivotal destination for tourism, the capital and at the heart of the regime.

Although we do our best to make sure that the itinerary is kept, Tongil Tours will not be held responsible for changes in the itinerary that are beyond our control, and all travellers to the DPRK should maintain an attitude of flexibility at all times.

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Concrete, slow, may take 3 hours to get from Wonsan to the "reuning families" hotel under Mt. As with other under-developed countries, the water is not always properly treated and there are reports of foreigners being hospitalized in the DPRK after drinking the water, so sticking to bottled water is highly recommended. Also, do not take photographs of anything that could be of strategic importance i. Paekdusan , Mount Chilbo occasionally use chartered or even regular flights by Air Koryo. Mount Myohyang Manpok Hiking Trail — A mildly strenuous hiking trail that follows graceful mountain streams and waterfalls up through lush pine forests to several successive viewing platforms. Keep your mouth closed and you will be fine. Furthermore, both the trafficking and consumption of narcotics are punished VERY severely by authorities; traffickers can expect to face the death penalty if caught, although Marijuana isn't treated as a narcotic in North Korea and is considered legal. Viatges Pujol — Barcelona, Spain. Despite the sharp political differences, North and South Koreans generally share a common culture; the various tips in the South Korea article under respect such as using two hands to pour drinks will also help here. Banned items[ edit ] The North Korean government is known to try to control the media. Please note that whilst you are in North Korea, the prevailing viewpoint places blame on the Americans for starting the Korean War; disagreeing with this position is likely to cause problems for both you and your guide particularly as the two Koreas are still technically at war with only a cease-fire between them. Wandering around on your own is not allowed, and you are required to have a guide to escort you at all times.
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