An introduction to the history of the third republic in germany and france

There was intense colonial rivalry between the pair in Africa. Due to the revolutionary and left-wing political climate that prevailed in the Parisian population, the right-wing government chose the royal palace of Versailles as its headquarters.

An introduction to the history of the third republic in germany and france

The new administration of Emil Combes applied the law ruthlessly and religious orders found it very difficult to gain legal authorisation. It formed the core of the Triple Entente and left Germany facing the prospect of a two front war.

The principles underpinning the Commune were viewed as morally degenerate by French conservatives at large while the government at Versailles sought to maintain the tenuous post-war stability which it had established. They were named after Jules Ferry. One a republic, the other was an autocracy.

The deputies then selected General Louis-Jules Trochu to serve as its president.

fourth french republic

Unlike Germany or Britain, the programs were much smaller — for example, pensions were a voluntary plan. French territories occupied by Prussia at this time did not participate. However as Britain became more alarmed at her international isolation and at the rising power of Germany, relations improved.

Second french empire

The Assumptionist Order was dissolved. For example in two-thirds of the missionary priests outside Europe were French. To expand her colonial empire and regain some of her prestige lost after the Franco-Prussian War. The left were against it because it strengthened the army and the right because it distracted from the struggle with Germany. Between 30, and 60, priests and nuns were exiled. The " Legitimists " in the National Assembly supported the candidacy of a descendant of King Charles X , the last monarch from the senior line of the Bourbon Dynasty , to assume the French throne: his grandson Henri, Comte de Chambord , alias "Henry V. Germany Relations between both hampered by Germany's possession of Alsace and Lorraine. The primary motivations for this empire building were economic, religious and prestige. Almost all religious orders were banned.

His task was complicated by the advance of the Prussian forces, which, by September 23, surrounded and besieged Paris.

The Third Republic A provisional government of national defense was set up in and took as its first task the continuation of the war against the invaders.

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Third Republic